Br, Joche-Albert Ly

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In Prison

The communist jails are hermetic in general, and little news filtered out. Here, however, we have the precious testimony of a young Protestant, detained for some time in the same prison and then freed: “Brother Albert was extremely charitable; he shared everything that he had, spare clothes and food, contenting himself with nearly nothing.” And to support his words he showed the habit that he was wearing, alms of a prisoner.

Last Interview, Last Message

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, the 12th February (I think), I was admitted to see him and to speak with him for a few minutes in front of his guards. He received absolution and Holy Communion and seemed delighted. His last words were: “Tell Monseigneur, the Fathers, the Sisters and the Brothers that I am thinking of them.” It was a promise of fidelity, perhaps of intercession. Some time before his death, we received a small bit of cardboard from him on which he had written, “I have not forgotten God…” This was his last message.

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