Br, Joche-Albert Ly

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After the “Liberation”

At the college: As Director, he was extra zealous in maintaining the Christian spirit in the Institution and he succeeded.

Subject to re-education, with the rest of the teaching body, he was a model of regularity and renouncement; but also a merciless and clever opponent when it was necessary to defend God and the Church. There also, his friends used to say to him, “Be careful… Brother Albert…” And his response was always the same.

At the service of the Diocese

The diocesan administration found itself faced with new and difficult problems. They had recourse to his experience, his drive, his ability; several times he devoted himself to be the spokesperson for the Bishop with the authorities; he never refused his help; he never hesitated to compromise himself.


It seems that very quickly the communists who were well informed understood the value of Brother Albert and saw in him a formidable adversary: a man to be won over or suppressed.

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