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6-Several Confreres, whose names the reader will come across, who give appreciations and facts, not without some local colour. But not all of their comments are given, in order not to overload the story. I am pleased to call to mind Bro. Nizier, Provincial, and Brother Anthony Ly and their conversation in August 1959. Item Father Cuzon in Singapore, August and September 1953.
7-Father Carriquiry, in conversation in the month of March 1952. This missionary and the next one were Vicars General.
8-Father Favier du Noyer. With identical occasion and days.
9-Father Miguélez and Rodriguez, over several days in the first months of 1952. The former above all, gifted with a critical and observing spirit, to whom we owe letters of those years, as well as to the above mentioned Vicars General.
10-Sister Tomaso, Italian Franciscan, zealous investigator of the passion of the martyr Brother Albert Ly, and through whose charitable hands he received comfort and medicines in his prison. Her information is most valuable and reliable, and is permeated with veneration. Two informal conversations: 26 and 28 June 1953.
These are not all the sources of information, but they are the basic ones. Besides, the preceding I consulted various books, such as two geography books on China: René Joüon, S.J. and Handbook for China by Carl Crow. Item an atlas giving a detailed account of large information, printed by the Communists in June 1950.

Les Missions de Chine: 1933-1934 » - A missionary year book of Father Planchet, and various Vincentians of Peking, containing a multitude of missionary particulars of unique value, that have contributed valuable information about the characters of the story. I also mention Father Mertens, S.J.: Du sang Chrétien sur le Fleuve Jaune.

My memory, finally, neither good nor bad, but truly fortunate, as I had the good fortune to visit all but one of the provinces, trodden by the hero, as well as the same cities, not counting Lai Yang, his native town, and Chefoo, an eastern port, whose coast I skirted in 1930, and I knew not a few of the individuals that moved through the narrative.


Chapter I The Marist Brother p.

Chapter II Teacher and Missionary p.
Chapter III First Captivity (1945) p.
Chapter IV From East to West p.
Chapter V Christ’s Martyr p.
Chapter VI Martyr’s Crown p.
Documentation: Written and Oral Sources p.

Another Biography (short)

In “Notices biographiques” de l’Institut des Petits Frères de Marie,

Volume 6 (1949-1953) : Frère Joche Albert, profès perpétuel. Pp. 422-430.

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