Br, Joche-Albert Ly

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3-Mass of catacombs
The emotion produced in the members of the Catholic Mission and in the Christians was great, though very diverse. The three confreres of the martyr felt genuine consternation. When others, on the other hand, hearing the first volley echo through town at noon, there was a feeling of spiritual joy and jubilation. They exclaimed: “Thank God. Brother Albert Ly has triumphed! His painful passion is over!” This was the reaction of Sister Tomaso and of Father Rodriguez, among others.
The following morning, Sunday, April 22, still in the tightest secrecy, a Mass was celebrated in the oratory of the Redemptorist Fathers; it was attended by the seminarians and also by the Chinese priests and the missionaries in town, together with a delegation of Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. Naturally, Brother Albert’s confrere were also present, still under the weight of deep depression. No other Christian was admitted.
That day the above-mentioned priest, Father Joseph Wu, accompanied by all the seminarians as ordered by the Bishop, took a stroll, passing, as if by chance, through the cemetery of the mission. The visit to the martyr’s tomb was not extended; they said a short payer, and after blessing the tomb of the victorious soldier, they continued the stroll. For his part, the Superior of the Redemptorist community, Father Joseph Miguélez, on the same day 22nd, wrote a detailed letter in Spanish to Brother Ricardo (Jesús Fernández) residing in Shanghai, giving a detailed account of the events, as much as circumstances advised. This report about the martyrdom reached the esteemed teacher of the martyr towards the middle of May. He hastened to forward it to Brother Gabriel, Provincial.
Bishop Baudry directed that all the priests and missionaries of his diocese celebrate ten Masses for the repose of the venerated Marist. Brother Provincial ordered that the suffrages as indicated in the Rules should be applied to him; then he added with high theological sense, convinced as he was of the eternal reward given to Brother Albert: “We shall pray the prayers prescribed for him by the Rules, but with the confidence that from the moment of his death he is already enjoying the heavenly reward.” (Letter of the 15-5-1951). And in the same letter: “But it is not, as I believe, he who needs, our prayers, for he gave his life for the Faith…”

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