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2-Humble burial
They found the corpse in the ground, but the countenance of the deceased was serene and natural, surprised in sleep. The only bullet, that killed him, (there were several on his companions), went through the nape his neck and came out through the eye, without opening any other fissure or wound than the perforation through which it came out. The eye was destroyed, but the sight did not produce any horror. Sister Rosary Wang, native of Loshan (a town of Kiating, episcopal see of the Chinese clergy in Szechwan Province), who was almost 60 years old, and Sister Teresa, a Franciscan Oblate of the Sichang diocese, helped by the above-mentioned servants, rendered the Brother the last Christian duties. They washed away his blood, which they collected in clean pieces of linen, prepared beforehand and kept with veneration. They then placed the body in the bier, showing great devotion. All this done, they closed shut the coffin ornamenting it with nails.
It happened, however, that, when the corpse was raised up from the ground, it fell and a roll of papers slipped off the sleeve of the martyr’s garment, papers which was instantly picked up by the nuns, but not without being noticed by the police who seized its contents. So far nothing else is known about this incident which could have supplied us with valuable information which we now believe to be lost. With all this incident, the idea came to my mind that perhaps some other papers might have been found in the martyr’s clothes, as no piece of his clothing was removed from the corpse. But we did not even dare to put him in his religious habit, which had already been prepared.
The above-mentioned persons brought the remains of the hero of the faith to the Mission Cemetery, situated on a small hill, facing south, only a few kilometres away from the town. No other faithful took part, nor did any priest, who could have blessed the corpse and the tomb. Once the corpse had been lowered into the grave, they covered it with earth and withdrew.

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