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11-Supreme efforts
Among the numerous members of the mission: Bishop Baudry, the French and the Spanish missionaries, the Chinese priests, the Marist Brothers and the Sisters, there was a common opinion, not denied, that Brother Joche Albert Ly died for the faith. Later we shall relate some testimonies. The accusations against him were so absurd and so slanderous that no one could lend them any credit. He was a victim of the atheistic hatred of the Reds, and if we wished to determine the immediate cause of his death, we would find it in the rancour accumulated against the Min Yang Director, who had caused so much harm in the Marxist study course of the previous summer. In short, he incarnated among the Chinese Catholics of the town, more than any secular priest, the firm condemnation of the Communist heresy and its abomination. And he was a man of tenacious opposition to its errors. Therefore he had to be eliminated at any cost. Against the foreign missionaries, the Reds would carry out their attack at the end of that year, 1951.
Various witness assure us that the Reds fought with tenacity to draw and to win over to their cause Brother Albert Ly, and make common cause with the rare schismatics that they were beginning to awaken among the faithful. If he came to the enemy camp with all his talents (the army baggage), they would overlook the capital punishment which he had deserved. We discount the very well certified testimony of Father Favier du Noyer, second Vicar General, of Father Miguélez, Redemptorist Superior in Sichang and of the Italian Sister Tomaso, but the latter supplies us with an extra proof that she picked up because of her exceptional position as the most renowned physician. There was a young, intelligent pagan student, very sympathetic to the missionaries; he was interested in the trial of the martyr, whom he believed to be absolutely innocent. Because of his social condition he was informed about the stratagems and outrages used by the Communists against Brother Albert, and thus he told the Sisters in the Catholic hospital: “The Communists knew very well the many qualities of Brother Ly Siu Fang, and consequently worked towards winning him over to their cause, but they did not succeed.” This young man moved by his affection for the martyr, will be present at the glorious death of the Brother and will receive his last words.

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