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-The Master and the disciple

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10-The Master and the disciple
Under this heading I wish to praise the passionate faith and the tender piety of the martyr towards his Divine Master, as well as the graces of predilection with which he was consoled in his captivity. Let us go to the dungeon where he suffered and lived a life of love.
As he stepped into the prison, his gaolers removed his eye-glasses, and as he had weak eye-sight, he became almost half blind. The spectacles were never returned to him. The darkness in the dungeon increased the torture, for the criminals lived crowded together, in common cells, infected, without sun nor light.
Bishop Baudry and his missionaries were not allowed to see him. They tried to alleviate his captivity through the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, much appreciated in the whole town and in the farmlands for their medical services, their charity and their administration of the Catholic Hospital, almost the only one which deserved such name in Sichang. The Sisters well known in the prisons, for their medical services, managed about twice a week to distribute meals, medicines and clothes, making use for this purpose of a pagan servant, who never belied his fidelity in the service of the hospital.

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