Br, Joche-Albert Ly

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8-The traitor
Brother Albert had received a youth from Kuo Kai Leang in his school where he stayed for some time, and he even received English lessons from his host. The student had his talents, initiative and a very great hatred for Communism, which launched him into an adventure: the attempt to fight against the Red domination in the middle of 1950, when Mao Tse Tong’s armies were implanting their claws in the Kien Chang mountains and the Sichang region. Kuo Kai Leang is some 18 km from the said town, and among the discounted people in the town and the country-side, he armed a band of partisans of Chiang Kai Shek or Nationalists. When calamity and the consequent defeat of the nationalist uprising took place, the young guerrilla learned how to disappear in time from the scene, and in order the better to disguise and hide himself he resorted to the kindness of the Min Yang Director. Did he declare his anti-Communist activities to the Director? We don’t know, but it seems that Brother Joche Albert uttered some of his anti-Communist phrases in front of the young man, who, towards the end of 1950, fell into the spying network, and in the dreariness of the prison chose the means to elude the trial that awaited him.
In order to save his life, “and perhaps pressured up by torture” he accused, calumniated his generous host with black perfidy. He confessed being guilty of treason to Communism, , a crime that carried with it irrefutable condemnation; but at the same time he revealed what he knew, in other words he invented in this way an atrocious calumny against Brother Joche Albert. This one was the ringleader of the whole anti-communist revolt in the Sichang river basin, whose territory stretched away to the mountains. He has organized and directed it, in short, commanded it. Others were no more than subordinates, among whom there was the very informer. (Father Carriquiry: Written notes and others).
Those who were seeking for the ruin of the Marist Brother, could already declare themselves fully satisfied with such coarse calumny that was made worse by the imprudence of some Catholics, not without some grave harm to Christian charity, enlarging or revealing certain actions or phrases of the martyr, which in the perverse eye of his judges could be seen as opposed to the Communist regime. Such imprudence came to enlarge the dossiers of the accusations against him, absurd calumnies which were distorted or painted in the local papers and judicial sessions in the most sinister colours.

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