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6-Facing the Schism
The new school term opened, with the Marist at their posts, while some missionaries cherished an illusory optimism. It seems that already there were some newspaper publications against Min Yang College. The darts were naturally directed against the director. Thus the events evolved until the beginning of the school year 1951. On January 1st, great celebrations were undertaken to drive away from the people’s mind the old tradition of the Chinese New Year. Brother Director had to contribute to the official formalism and offer his New Year’s greetings, and among other banalities, with his classical delight as a thinker and speaker: “On the occasion of this new year and to echo the amusement and the rejoicing… two hundred (200) prisoners are going to be executed today and the following days.” In the finesses of the diction the Reds observed the bloody irony, more than deserved, of the Min Yang College Director. He also declared that “he was aware of the black list, which was a very long one…” Did he know that his name was already on it? (Chanel)
An event confirms that such was the case. “The beloved Brother, writes Father Carriquiry, greatly suspected the danger, that menaced him; here is why. Towards the mid-December 1950, he was called up by the General Security Department (Kung An Chü), which then had some understanding about Religious Affairs, and there he presented himself, accompanied by Bro. Josaphat and Doctor Cheng, president of Catholic Action. Already in this department they were asked to join the very recently launched movement of the “Three Autonomies”. Brother Albert, always very eloquent and prepared to argue, demolished the reasoning of the adversary. He asked:

-Do you grant freedom of religion?

-Without any doubt, they answered him. It is in the Constitution.

-Do you pretend by any chance to force us to become Protestants?

-Not at all! He was answered with determination.

-Well, then! To separate us from the Pope is to turn us into Protestants. You say you are not claiming to do such a thing. Therefore do not insist on such a purpose.

That day the enemy was defeated, but twenty days later, January 6, 1951, Brother Albert was arrested under political pretext. (Up to here, words of Father Carriquiry – Written notes).

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