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5-A re-education course
Such was the state of the things when the first school semester came to an end, and perhaps the Marists were dreaming about an interval of rest and prayer, away from the maddening agitation of the new pedagogy. They were frustrated in their hopes. Immediately after the ‘Communist liberation’, in the triennium 1949-1951, Communist patrols of various kinds were to be concocted in order to form cadres needed for the Red administration in its multiple aspects, and as a consequence courses were multiplied to infinity. A few month after the Red invasion in Sichang, steps were taken to create a course for people of importance; to this the four Marist were invited as well as the excellent Catholic Doctor Cheng. I said that they were invited which is not quite exact; the Brothers were forced to participate. But all the same, the new masters made towards an honourable exception on their behalf: they were permitted to return every night to their college. Very early the following day, a priest celebrated holy Mass and all received Holy Communion. The ironically called “Communist closed retreat” took place during the summer months of 1950.
But the honour was converted into a secret Red manoeuvre, with which they spied on and pumped out of them details of interest, which, in Bro. Joche Albert’s regard, came to increase the files at future accusations. Furthermore, he faces the enemy with the tact and skill that were his, and which no one could resist. How could his character be silent, such a fighting spirit and defender of Christian truth? Just one anecdote. The principle of the Darwinian evolution had been explained in its due time. The little so-called Marxist doctor metamorphosed it even as to claim to prove that the human race is a result, a product and a natural evolution of the natural species. When the explanation was over, Ly Siu Fang, the much-feared Director of Min Yang, stood up and objected to what had been said: “As for me, I think that in your argumentation, a slight error slipped out, that is: Man does not descend from the simian species, as you pretend; rather, the simian species descends from the human race!” Such combative finesse and ironical argumentation directed against the Communists provoked hilarity among the students, who approved the penetrating dialectic of Brother Albert. (Bro. Chanel Sun, Bro. Philip Wu, necrology).

His interventions in the discussions put the winning stamp over the error and science, as all recognized. Things turned out so bad against the Reds in the argumentation, and they felt so sick about it all, that they were forced to admit unwillingly: “Ly Siu Fang (Brother Ly) has ruined our study course!” (Li Siu Fang po hwai liao shio si!).

The course had to be ended in a marked solemnity, as it was the custom. A camaraderie and fraternization celebration was organized, There were discourses, songs and dancing in profusion. The Min Yang Director and his confreres presented their contributions; they played various instruments and they sang. One of their pieces was the singing of the “Salve Regina” anthem in Latin, with good voices and with all the love in their hearts for their Mother and Queen. It was all for her. Our singers were not only applauded – that was very fashionable with the new regime – but furthermore, they received an extraordinary prize in music. (Letter from Father Miguélez and necrology).

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