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-In the scholastic system

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4-In the scholastic system
The Red hand was soon felt in the scholastic system as regards school administration, the organization being exerted from the highest spheres, tenaciously demolishing al remnants of the previous systhem. The Min Yang director had to champ the bit of the new masters, and swallow incessant bitterness for the sake of his students and school. From the arrival of the Communists in Sichang, on Passion Sunday 1950, Brother Joche Albert seemed to have felt a presentiment of his destiny, the good fortune that would befall him one day. But he always remained full of courage and valour and without any fear at all. He would not be deceived by the lying enticement and false doctrines of the Reds, and fearing they might strike root in the locality, he exerted himself in as much as it was in his own power to strengthen the faith of the Christians. On each opportunity he had to speak, he would end with these words: “These Communists –the authentic ones- are not men. They are real devils!” (Bro. Chanel). According to Sister Tomaso, this was how he spoke to the Catholics.
“In order to save Min Yang college in Sichang, Brother Joche Albert made unimaginable sacrifices compatible with the Christian faith: he was present at the official Communist meetings; he took part in their celebrations and parades; he took his students to games and walks organized by the new authorities, and all that in spite of the heat, fatigue and weariness, at times even going without food.” (Chanel). And though a thing incredible to conceive, (repeated hundred of times that year 1950, and the preceding one, 1949, among the great majority of missionaries and prelates) in Sichang the clergy believed in the possibility of a tacit pact of a bearable existence with the communism, even in order to continue shortly thereafter the missionary activities that had been interrupted. One of these, Father Miguélez, would manifest to us his optimism by letter, condemning our later to be justified fears with the proverb: “No es tan fiero el leon como le pintan” (The lion is not as fierce as people say).
The lion did not fall asleep, and soon it was given the opportunity to make his teeth felt and his claws driven in. The people of the river basin of Sichang became tired of the exigencies and outrages of Communism, after a few months, and the Chinese together with the “lolos” revolted, driving out the scanty garrison, or placing them in a grave peril. The civil war soon began to cause havoc. The Reds suffered defeat at the beginning. Once they had their supplies re-enforced, they undertook the conquest of the Kien Chang, perpetrating slaughtering and shootings which had not been seen by the inhabitants before. Masses of Chinese and “lolos” were mowed down without mercy or respite: and among the victims to be mourned were the newly ordained Joseph Chang, and Vincent Fu, candidate for Holy Orders.

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