Br, Joche-Albert Ly

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2-Fruits and Fears
“The influence of the Brother in town was great and his prestige extraordinary. It was realized, without any doubt, because he was from Northeast China, but it was due mostly to his singular talents, which won for him the esteem of all sorts of people and of influential men. His ascendancy over his pupils could not be exaggerated. As regards his religious life, my opinion is that he lived in a supernatural environment, answering the religious ideal.”
And Brother C. Ch. had noticed that year an important spiritual transformation in him, as I referred in due time. Furthermore there are many missionaries who in Sichang formed identical estimation, no only of his unquestionable qualities, but also of his virtues. I could mention the names of the two Vicars General, of two Redemptorist Fathers, of various Franciscan Sisters. Farther on I shall quote some eulogies.
To such beginnings belonged another fruit extremely consoling to the missionary heart of Brother Director. Among his students a group of catechumens was formed, and then quite a number of them received baptism. Without doubt, his three confreres cooperated equally in these very promising beginnings. All the same, before the end of the year, Brother Gabriel, the Provincial, directed the Brothers not yet “liberated”, towards the British colony of Hong Kong in the Canton archipelago. He gave compulsory orders to evacuate, as it was useless to expose the Brothers to Communist experiences.

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