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8-An additional Testimony.
A testimony of singular value is supplied by Brother Anthony who dealt with Brother Joche Albert familiarily during that time in Tsingtao. His report deserves to be given in its entirety. (1 September 1959).

“During his stay with us, in Saint Michael Primary School, Brother Joche Albert ran the Ming Teh Middle School, that the government had handed over to us in rather poor conditions. But he asked his confreres for prayers to obtain some financial help, and with his dedication and sacrifices gained the sympathy of many parents. Furthermore, he led a very hard and mortified life, all that in view of the solemn opening of the school and the success of the catechism lessons to his students.

“He worked with tenacity; yet, notwithstanding how busy he was, he led a regular life and edified his Brothers by his example. He finally succeeded in getting funds for the High School, whose director was Brother John Mary P’eng, but he felt crushed by difficulties, yet always worked with earnestness, without ever getting disheartened. He was always obedient, and in his prudent performance, always euphoric, mixing his jokes in addressing his confreres as well as the strangers who would approach him for any reason whatever. That is why he was always considerate and engaging.
“Our Brother was a great help to the Mission. He used to ask the young, upon whom his personality had managed to win powerful ascendancy, to cooperate in some ways to help the Church. He himself would give the example, contributing with his moral and financial help to the needs of certain confrere, who was at the head of the Catholic primary school.
“The priests of Saint Michael Cathedral were full of joy contemplating some 400 or more young students taking part with Brother Albert every day in the May devotions, bringing with them their own hymn and prayer books, as well as seeing him personally contributing to the catechism instruction of four distinct classes. But such a success would have never been possible in their beginnings without the opportune distribution of sweets and holy pictures. Thanks to Brother Albert for his cooperation and encouragement.
“He always cooperated with his parish priest, and put all his efforts into the spiritual formation of his students and in the practice of their Christian duties. On Sunday, he would strive to get them to two Masses, one in the school chapel and the other in the Cathedral, 25 minutes away on foot.
“He excelled in fraternal charity. Here are two facts: On a certain occasion he received a very valuable personal gift; all the same, and with the proper permission of the superior, Brother John Mary, he found a way for all the Brothers to share it in an effective manner, taking great pains in order to transform the precious gift. He had a keen interest to invite the Marists from the other community to spend some hours of recreation in Ming Teh, and with the director’s permission he would take the lead in some fraternal amusements, thus promoting family spirit in the two communities.
“He preferred a life of hard work to a quiet and comfortable one. And thus he enjoyed being busy and overburdened. He was strict in the formation and direction of the lads, so much so that the staff verified his contribution and the Brothers experienced his efficiency and virtue, knowing how to yield to his way of thinking and acting.”

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