Br, Joche-Albert Ly

-Brother Albert's Odyssey

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3-Brother Albert's Odyssey.
The Superior, Brother Philip Wu, acting under the instructions received, distributed the funds among his Brothers, and quickly had the Brothers leave the hellish situation, but not without counting on the protection of the Queen of the Institute. At once Brother Philip had to legalize an absence, not justified before the authorities, which showed themselves complaisant, after having greased the palms of the administration with a good sum. But the bureaux too had to be bribed: the enrolling office and the police, and many narrow and dark corridors had to be passed, and all were payed by means of a fat sum. The corruption at the dawn of the Communist era foreshadowed future disorders and scandals. In short, the names of the Brothers disappeared from the register and the police issued passes or passports that enabled them to circulate in the Red territory.
It took them two weeks to solve the problems. Then they walked away from Yen Tai in groups in order to hire, in hidden inlets and fishing villages, some junk or rowboat that would take them by sea to an unknown port, so that then they could stay in the peninsula and afterwards descend to Tsingtao, the meeting place.

Brother Joche Albert, considering his contacts and other resources, was left completely free to attempt an adventure, and he decided to form a separate group. He provided himself with a Red passport, with an appointment of given by a member of the party or official and the corresponding military uniform, he obtained lots of vouchers that represented treasury payments valid for a meal. He placed the photo of Mao Tse Tung on his chest with his Red graduation certificate, and had some papers that could otherwise guarantee that he was a nationalist.

When everything was ready, a lad became his companion in his wanderings; he was ten years old and a pagan in more ways than one. Brother Joche-Albert hired two bicycles, one for each. The owners undertook to take them on their backs in suitable chairs through the network of roads of the peninsula as far as the nationalist frontier. And in the name of the Lord he attempted his luck. He commanded great respect and his very new attire opened the way everywhere. As for the rest he paid generously in vouchers in taverns and inns. Downhill he would go sliding, uphill he would push his bicycle loaded with his personal belongings. He would speak little, and at the appropriate time he would make a short eulogy of the time of peace that was being promised to the people who would stare with horror at the picture of the leader on his chest and the ominous star on the visor of his rag-like cap. Only when required he would show his papers and with an air of importance.

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