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- Autobiography and auto-confession

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12- Autobiography and auto-confession.
The first term is current, the second will be. At least I am introducing it in juxtaposition with similar ideas and acts. Nevertheless, strictly speaking, we should rather say “auto- accusation”. Before taking up these two topics, the last stage of the course, let us review some of the strange theories taught by the Communist teachers.
Collaboration with the Japanese in the years of the invasion was in the eyes of the Reds a capital crime. As a crime against one’s own country, it was punished with more or less rigour. For instance the teacher would ask: “Was a Chinese collaborating who, during the Japanese occupation, dedicated himself to hobbies to pass the time, to fishing, for example, providing himself with insects as baits, with a basket to put the fish in, and with his fishing-rod, spending his free time by the riverside? All the listeners answered as one “No!” And the teacher said: “Yes, comrades! He is a collaborator. His attitude proclaims that he was living a quiet life, unconcerned about his civic duties, and satisfied with co-existence and the Japanese domination. It was a tacit approval; he was collaborating and was guilty of treason.”
The Marxist teachers praised the new theory on debts, particularly the pecuniary ones and their reimbursement. Any truancy, bribe, injustice, stealing and crime could be pardoned by the people, or, what sounds the same, by the government of the Communist people. And that, in virtue of the magnanimity of the new regime. All the same, a sincere and complete accusation was required. For example, he who was guilty of stealing and would to admit part of what he had stolen, this bit would be forgiven, but he would remain under strict obligation of restoring all the dollars that he had not confessed.
Communism was presented as the ideal system for society, the most perfect system, the destroyer of all the decrepit regimes, monarchical, imperialist and republican. Communism pursues only the good of the human masses. Its leaders must give up their personality and merge into the Communist conscience. Here is the origin of the marxist utopias that tend to convert their agents into a mechanism, not into free and responsible human beings. The course prepared in intensive stages the various parts of the Communist mechanism.
Two moral and truly fundamental stages concerning the Communist re-education are the autobiography and auto-accusation. They say that both have been copied from similar practices among monks, or at least traced, because there exist some radical divergences between the former and the latter.

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