Br, Joche-Albert Ly

-Religious, first and always

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10-Religious, first and always.
Did the Brothers at Lai Yang find time for their spiritual exercises ? Meditation was made either during the early-morning marches and counter-marches which were always executed in silence, or during the short breathing-spell which followed the mid-morning meal. Other spiritual exercises were performed during the evening recreation or shortly before retiring. The Rosary was recited during different intervals. Rev. Brothel Philippe used to recite it in the company of a fervent Catholic by the name of Yang, as they walked in the evenings, passing the beads within the folds of their wide sleeves. The same superior affirms that Brother Albert never omitted the recitation of the Rosary. Very seldom, though, and in order to avoid suspicion, did Brother Philippe speak in private to Brother Albert during their long stay at Lai Yang.
We insert here a Marist vignette, though not belonging to this period of cap­tivity It was contributed by Brother Conrad, a German Marist missionary. "During vacations, when Brother Ly was persuaded to join the other Brothers in an excursion or in the climbing of a nearby mountain, he would add, ‘Yes, but on condition that we recite the Rosary and Office before lunch!’ He would then start on his way, and sure enough we would have Rosary and Office at the appointed time.”
Lay Yang was a town situated at a short distance from the pagoda-university. In that town there was a German missionary, and the Marist made an exceptional persistence to pay him a visit every Sunday with the hope of hearing Mass and receiving Holy Communion. But the effort always failed, for the missionary, harassed by the premature communist persecution, used to celebrate his mass very early in the morning, before dawn and did not preserve the Blessed Sacrament for reasons of prudence. The Holy See had not yet issued the new norms and privileges that would be of such a great benefit to the martyrs and confessors of the faith in China. All the same this visit was all the same a great comfort for the Brothers. The good missionary would encourage them and reaffirm their convictions by his paternal affection towards the Brothers in captivity. They all went to confession without fail, but only every fortnight as they could not be given leave each time. They had to alternate.

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