Br, Joche-Albert Ly

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9-Brave performance
Bro. Albert Ly’s blood often boiled in his veins and with strong determination he jumped into a calm and prudent discussion before the assembly of his “comrades”. And the contrariety that most embittered his humour was the absurdity into which he caused his teachers to tumble, and which the latter were forced to maintain in face of the close argumentation of the Marist. And although it was a question of doctrinal disputes, he would remain quiet and correct, in not a few of these he would become excited on account of the ignorance or the malice of his opponents, of those teachers who knew how to maintain their dignity, yet they would drown in a torrent of doctrine and truth that was thrust against their sophism by the battling Brother.
During a certain discussion the teachers entered into a debate on religious topics, about which they didn’t have the least notion. Brother Albert came to confront them and heckled them without mercy, for he was fighting for the truth and his faith. In his excitement he gave the devil his due. But as they would not accept defeat, he hurled at them, to finish it off, the very short assertion: “You are not qualified!”. He had more than enough points against them, and they did not grasp anything. But what a big row these few words: “Ni mo yu chih ke” “You are not your own” were to kick up!
They took them as an invective against the Party and it was little less than a capital offence. Fortunately the rigours of the future penal law were not yet in vogue. Another sudden outburst took place in the heat of a second discussion through the gross ignorance and malice of the communists experts: “You are like barbarians! “Ni men shih man tze!” They must have digested it as best they could, for the audience was following the argument and was sympathizing with the colossus in rhetoric and reasoning. And one must remember that the saying has been in use for some three millennia and it is said to be the supreme taunt against a cultured person. The saying was correct.
As we can guess, our apologist would not be frightened by the directors with their incessant insolence, which turned not a few crazy and rendered many silent: “Why do you, ‘comrade’ bring up this statement? Give an explanation of your thought, of your ideology?” This same question was asked even of the brightest light. To any word, phrase or gesture, that could reveal opposition or the least divergence from the principles taught by the communist scholars, the university teachers harassed the students with the unfortunate question, until a student would express his very intimate thinking.
Brother Joche Albert was often confronted with similar challenges; but the teachers were afraid of his daring and demolishing arguments. A particular case: during the whole course he kept his rank of sergeant. Moreover, for some time he was commissioned, not without success, to plan the pretty frequent recreational soirées that were celebrated at night; there were songs, rural dances, farces, etc. He was admired for his precision in improvising songs, in teaching them, writing lyrics and comedies and performing them with his team and other supporting elements.

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