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Each autobiography was later submitted to a fine scrutiny by the staff, and all were declared unsatisfactory and insincere. The leader thundered at his backward students and intimated that they were not fully reformed yet. The autobiographies had to be rewritten. Brother Philippe Wu then told Brother Albert: "It is useless to try to cover up anything. They seem to know even the least details of our proceedings at Yen Tai. Let us, therefore, avow everything."
The group was submitted to three days of continuous harangues, delivered by three “little teachers, madly sovietized, inexhaustible quacks, who, with intensified indoctrination pretend to make up for the time wasted. Among other absurdities they crowed this one about: “Comrades! The communist government is magnanimous towards you. In his generosity it will pardon the punishment that you have deserved through the insincerity of your autobiographies, and all the sins of your lives, on condition that you tell this time the whole truth without any attenuation or omission.”
The unhappy inmates were screamed at for three long days by three different instructors. The gist of the lectures was always the same : "Comrades, the Communist government is magnanimous ; if you come out and tell the whole truth and confess the sins of your shameful past, it will generously condone the penalty you have deserved by your lack of sincerity." It was on this occasion that the Brothers were accused of collaborati­ng with the Japanese. Brother Albert's refutation has already been described.
Every evil comes to an end: and those three sickening days helped the “comrades” enter the communist university of Lai Yang. It was already November 1945, and a large pagoda became a university centre, a few kilometres away from the town. Brother Philip call it university, and such it pretended to be. Although its methods were in an embryonic stage, the successive experience and the most apt means used were to raise up a hard and bewildering system, though which millions of youths today are infused with the Marxist virus. Here, we believe, it is useful to present the system followed by our Marxists.

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