Br, Joche-Albert Ly

-Face to Face with Marxism

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6-Face to Face with Marxism
What was the attitude of the future martyr in regard to Communism? He had delved seriously and pro­foundly into its pernicious doctrines and had come to his own logical conclusions. While some well-intentioned, .though misguided, persons chose to remain silent when they should have preached against Communism from the house tops, Brother Albert always fought against the heresy with valour and determination.
Brother Ricardo (Jesús Fernández) recalls how, at Chung Fa School, Shanghai, Brother Albert repeatedly told his students openly, "How well I know Communism and everything it stands for: I'm not in the least afraid of it:" At Sichang, he repeated the same con­victions to the faithful, in an effort to preserve them from error. Speaking in public, he exclaimed once, "Believe me: The Communists are an evil people, the brood of devils."

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