Br, Joche-Albert Ly

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2- Love for His Students.
Brother Albert Ly loved his students with a Christian love and multiplied the proofs of his love all through the length of his teaching career, but most particularly during the year of painful "coexistence" with the Communists at Sichang. In order to safeguard his school (Min Yang School, Sichang), Brother Albert underwent every imaginable trouble and humiliation compatible with his Faith: he attended all the official Communist gatherings, took part in every feast and parade, and accompanied his students to all the games and outings organized by the new authorities. He submitted to all this regardless of the heat, of the fatigue, and on certain occasions, even in spite of the lack of nourishment.
While Brother Albert was in Chungking, a school incident occurred, typical of the strained atmosphere which hung over the school the days before it fell to the Communists. The police, under pretext of vigilance and order, had been meddling into everyone's affairs. It so happened that one day a policeman interfered with the students' games in the playground. They protested in vain. The timely appearance of the Master of Discipline, Brother Albert, saved the officer front being mobbed. Having heard both sides of the argument, Brother Albert added his protests to those of his students. The policeman's anger and the hostile crowd around him grew apace. When Brother Philippe Wu, Visitor, came to investigate the matter, he realized the futility of arguing with the distracted officer. He began to pacify both contesting sides, and presented his apologies to the "offended." representative of the law. The man was intelligent enough to see the opportunity given him of saving face, and withdrew. But it is claimed that the irate officer could not sleep one wink that night.
It was the keen interest which Brother Albert felt towards adolescents that led him to prepare so conscientiously every one of his lessons. This praiseworthy interest was coupled in his heart to another and loftier sentiment. We refer to his ardent desire of an intense apostolate of youth.

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