Br, Joche-Albert Ly

-By way of summary and completion

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9-By way of summary and completion
We have thus far attempted to delineate the martyr’s personality prior to the last decade of his life.
“As a religious, Brother Albert proved himself regular and pious, though not more than the others; several of his confreres were more advanced than he in fervour and spiritual life, at least exteriorly. At the time we are speaking of, he could certainly have been called a good religious; but I would not call him an excellent religious nor one of the best. As time went on, a noticeable increase in favour and regularity took place in Brother Albert: probably the sobering effect of age on people, and the results of his encounters with Communism.” (Rev. Bro. Philippe Wu).
Brother Cyril Chiang, who knew Brother Albert intimately and lived with him shortly before the terrible end, expresses the same opinion: “The years brought about so great a change, that one may affirm that the Brother Albert Ly of 1949 was a different person from that of earlier years. What an increase in the virtue and interior life of Brother Joche-Albert there was as he neared his martyrdom!”

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