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Boston’s Top Ten for First Time Visitors
BOSTON, MA (May 12, 2015): With everything from history and shopping to marine life and beer, the attractions in Boston offer something for whatever you are interested in. There are so many different things to do in Boston it is hard to know where to start. Here is a quick guide to 10 things you must do if you have never been to Boston before.
1. Freedom Trail
The Freedom Trail is the perfect tour to take around historic Boston. In the 1950’s concerned Bostonians were determined to preserve the story of the American Revolution as it began in Boston through preservation of 16 historically significant sites. These 16 sites are located along a unique 2.5 mile urban walking trail, marked with a bricked or painted red line. You can opt to walk the trail alone or alongside a tour guide dressed in traditional 17th and 18th century clothing. Some of the top sites to see on the trail are, The Paul Revere House, where you’ll get a good sense of how people lived in the 1770s, the Old North Church, where the two famous lanterns warned Paul Revere the British were coming by sea in 1775, Old State House museum, which houses a vial of the tea salvaged from the original Tea Partiers, and the original site of the Boston Massacre.
2. Fenway Park
“America’s Most Beloved Ballpark” is uniquely nestled in the city of Boston. See the home of Red Sox legends, Williams, Yaz, Fisk, and Rice. Visit Pesky’s Pole and sit atop the world famous Green Monster which stands 37 feet high overlooking leftfield. You can grab a ticket to a game, take a public tour, or just walk around the outside while exploring the city.

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