Boston Fire Museum Engine 38

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BFM Engine 38 is the same model engine that ran out of the Congress St. station in the 1920s and 30s.


Boston Fire Museum - Engine 38

Serial #'s      S # 5676    M # 175


Triple Combination Pump

      1.  Pumping Engine, 600 Gallons per minute

      2.  40 Gallon Chemical tank

      3.  Hose Bed Capacity - 1,200 feet of 2.5" hose

Purchased by the Village of Horseheads, NY for $12,500 on August 13, 1926. Horseheads, NY is a village in the Finger Lakes Region adjacent to Elmira, NY.
It was sold to Mr. James Burlingame of Rochester, NY in the 1950's or early 1960’s by Horseheads. Mr. Burlingame intended to use the engine as a feeder of spare parts for another ALF engine he was restoring. This was not necessary and the engine remained intact.
The engine was sold to the Riverview Manor Hose Company #3 of the Hastings on Hudson, NY, Fire Department in October, 1968. Asking price was $995 but Mr. Burlingame would accept a lower price in the buyers came to inspect the truck and had cash with them.
It was used by members (volunteers) of the Riverview Manor Hose Company #3 parades, weddings, funerals and public events, etc. from 1969 to 1973.
In the early 70’s, for insurance reasons, the volunteers were forced to operate the engine as a separate organization not  affiliated with the Riverview Manor Hose Company of the Hastings on Hudson, NY, Fire Department.
The volunteers changed the name of their organization to Riverview Manor Hose Company 3 1/4 and formed a separate organization to operate the engine.
Financial pressures on the 18 members of the organization forced the sale or donation of the engine in 1979.
In December 1979 or January 1980 the trustees of the New England Fire & History Museum in Brewster, MA gave approximately $1,500 to the trustees of RVMHC 3 1/4 so that they could pay back taxes to the State of NY.
On January 28, 1980 the engine was appraised by Mr. Thomas Tye, Curator of the Firemans Hall Museum of Philadelphia, PA. $12,000 was the value placed on the engine.
The engine was donated to the New England Fire & History Museum in Brewster, MA on April 30, 1980.
The engine was transported to Brewster by the New England Fire & History Museum and placed in the museum.  The engine was running and was backed into the museum. It remained in the museum for 30 years.
On April 10, 2010 the engine was donated to the Boston Fire Museum / Boston Sparks Association by the trustees of the New England Fire & History Museum, Brewster, MA.
The renovation of the mechanical systems of the engine was completed by:  Jim Daly, Al Foisy, Pete McGonnell, Dan O'Neill and Will Warnock. 
After 6 months of work the engine was started and the engine was returned to service.


Boston Fire Museum - Engine 2

1966 American LaFrance 900 Series

1000 GPM pumper

The 1966 ALF was originally purchased by the Water Witch Fire Company of Port Deposit, Maryland.  

Port Deposit is in Cecil County, Maryland. The population of Port Deposit was 653 in 2010.
The engine was donated by a doctor who spent $140,000 restoring it and then decided to donate it to the Boston Fire Museum in order to take advantage of a donation to a 501c3 organization for tax purposes.  The engine was in Maryland and Boston Sparks Association member Frank Fitzgerald arranged to have his brother, a commercial transporter of trucks, bring the engine to the Boston Fire Museum.
The engine is currently in service for use in parades and public fire education displays. It currently is powered by a Detroit Diesel engine with a five speed manual transmission. The engine has a right side pump panel and a 500 gallon Poly tank.


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