Book's name: The Invisible Man Book's author: H. G. Wells

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H.G. Wells - The Invisible Man
Weeks 1-3 Intro to Fantasy Fiction, H.G. Wells - The Invisible Man, H.G. Wells - The Invisible Man, H.G. Wells - The Invisible Man, H.G. Wells - The Invisible Man

Book's name: The Invisible Man

Book's author: H. G. Wells

Book's publisher: Apple Books Classics

Book's page count: 283

Wells was the foremost writer of his time. He was the first writer to put forward the ideas like invisibility and time machine. Actually, not. Yet, he was the first writer to tell these ideas with scientific methods, and thus his novels sold more. Edward Page Mitchell already wrote a book about invisibility, The Crystal Man, 16 years before Wells. I gotta say that The Invisible Man was the first novel to tell being invisible with scientific methods, it is true, yet those scientific parts were not up to much. I'm attributing this deficiency to the years when the book was written. If I continue with Edward, he wrote about the concept of time machine way before Wells, but it isn't well-known as much as Wells’ novel because the book's name, The Clock that Went Backward, actually doesn’t represent the concept that much. Wells made a hit with the simplicity he used in everything.
The book starts with a man entering the hotel-like place. Man’s head was bandaged. Although the people staying at the hotel noticed something different about this man, he revealed himself later. This man, his name and -because of the invisibility- his look are unknown, was a physicist and using the reflecting index and some chemistry, he made himself invisible. However, in the book, things go wrong like every sci-fi book. This man’s sole purpose is to make himself visible again, however, the people around him are troubled with him because of his invisibility.
Wells didn’t tell just the invisibility, with using this concept, also told that weird people will always be weird and feel rejected. The invisible man isn’t just invisible, he is weird, either. I really want to tell more about this mysterious character but if I tell, I give you spoilers unintentionally so, I put an end to this telling right now. The Invisible Man is a book that is the source of inspiration to a lot of movies and series, tells the invisibility with its all aspects comprehensively, and is a novel that sci-fi lovers need to read.
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