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  1. Be courteous. Keep your hands, feet, and negative remarks to yourself.

  1. Follow directions the first time given.

  1. Always be on time and prepared.

  1. Respect yourself, others, and school property.

  1. Eat and drink in the cafeteria only.


  1. Students may enter the building beginning at 6:30 AM.

  1. No students are allowed to stand outside the building after 7:30 AM.

  1. Students may enter the school building through the front doors (Lauderdale Street) entrance from 6:30 AM – 7:05 AM. All students late to school will enter the building through the Georgia Ave. door.

  2. Students may only go to the cafeteria or the atrium area before the bell rings at 7:05 AM. No students are allowed to walk through the building for any reason.

  3. Students are not allowed to eat in the atrium area, this includes breakfast.

  4. All students must enter the building dressed appropriately (in uniform) and come through the metal detectors.

  5. All bags/purses will be searched. All confiscated items may be picked up in 72 hours between 2:00 PM - 2:15 PM.

  6. Students are allowed to carry CLEAR BACKPACKS ONLY during the school day. All other backpacks must be placed in the student’s locker.

  7. Students are expected to be in their 1st block class by 7:05 AM.

  8. Parents are required to sign their child in if they arrive to school late after 7:30 am.

  9. Students whose parents’ check them in must obtain admits from the student support center (enter the building through the Georgia Ave. door) and classroom consequences will be implemented during this time period.

  10. Students must make arrangements to make up any missed assignments with their first block teacher.

  11. Students are not allowed to enter the building after 7:30 AM without a parent.


  1. Students must remain in the classroom until the school dismissal bell rings at 2:00 P.M.

  2. When the bell rings students will quickly go to their lockers and exit the building promptly.

  3. All students must exit the building by 2:15 PM.

  4. Students that participate in extracurricular activities, tutoring or serving detention may re-enter the building through the gym.

  5. Students will remain in the gym until they are picked up by their sponsor.

  6. Students must remain with their sponsor the entire time.

  7. Loitering will not be tolerated inside or outside the school building.

  8. Student must remain with an adult during after school activities.


(A) Students are expected to turn in all assignments when they are due. Failure to do so will result in points being deducted from given grade.

(B) Homework assignments and other class projects are a vital part of the learning process and are counted as part of the student’s average at the end of each six weeks period.

(C) Each teacher will explain his or her grading policy.

The following offenses are recognized as totally unacceptable. If a student commits one of the following, he or she will be IMMEDIATELY written up and sent to the office.

  1. Profanity towards school personnel

  2. Fighting

  3. Assault on school personnel

  4. Walking out of class without permission

  5. Sexual harassment

  6. Destruction of school property

  7. Gambling

  8. Bullying/intimidation

  9. Possession or making a threat of illegal weapons on school grounds

  10. Possession of illegal drugs or unauthorized prescription drugs

(A) All fund raising activities must be approved by the principal. Students may not sale any items during the school day unless.

(B) All financial obligations must be cleared during the school year.

(C) Non-students are not allowed in the building without administrative clearance.



Disruptive behavior in regular class setting, assembly programs, athletic functions, hallways, or any organized activities will not be tolerated. These acts include, but are not restricted to the following:

(A) Fighting or committing any act that promotes fights

(B) Stealing or receiving stolen property

(C) Extortion or any act that threatens the safety or security of any student

(D) Deliberate vandalism

(E) Unauthorized handling of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm switches, Firecrackers, Smoke Bombs, etc.

(F) Eating in the classrooms

(G) Uniform violation

(H) Profanity

Administrative action will be one or more of the following:

(1) Student Conference (COUNSELOR REFFERAL)

(2) Parent Conference

(3) School Improvement Services

(4) Saturday School

(5) In-School Suspension

(6) Home Suspension

(7) Board Suspension

Authorized fire drills will be conducted in compliance with state and local laws. In addition, each school is required to conduct a tornado alert drill during the spring. Each student and staff member will be informed of emergency evacuation plans at the beginning of the school year.

The school Nurse is available for any student who becomes ill or is injured during the school day. In order to be treated, the student should report to the student support center. Students are required to complete a clinic form with parent’s signature.

Leaving Campus without permission:

All students who leave campus without permission from the principal or assistant principal or the principal’s designee will be issued a 10-day suspension.


The school is responsible only for immediate first aid. The Board of Education does not pay any medical or hospital bill incurred as a result of accident to the student at school. The parent or guardian is responsible for the payment of such bills. We urge you to avail yourself of the protection afforded through school insurance. In the case of an accident, no matter how minor, the student should report that accident to the teacher immediately. In the case of severe accidents or acute illness, emergency care will be given and the parents will be notified.


Students returning to school after recovering from a communicable disease must return to school with a clearance form from the doctor. Communicable diseases include but are limited to German measles, measles, mumps, chicken pox, scarlet fever, conjunctivitis (pink eye), hepatitis, and mononucleosis.


Board Policies for Dress Code

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All students are required to be neat and in school uniform every day. Hair nets, rollers, and loose slippers are not allowed. All students must be in complete uniform from 6:30 AM – 2:00 PM.

  • Students will not be allowed to enter the building if not in compliance of the school uniform.

  • The basic uniform shall be tan, navy blue or black pants, skirt or jumper and a white long sleeve or short sleeve shirt with a collar (polo style, dress style, or turtleneck).

  • Pants must be straight-legged or boot cut. Full-length pants, cropped pants, cargo pants and straight-legged Capri pants are permitted. Denim jeans, pedal pushers, and bell bottoms are NOT permitted.

  • Walking shorts are permitted. (Walking shorts are straight-legged shorts are at the knee.)

  • Pants must fit at the waist and not be oversized or undersized (e.g., Baggy pants, sagging pants, tights, or pants made of spandex are prohibited).

  • All male students are required to wear a belt with their shirts tucked.

  • All belts must be fitted and put through belt loops. They must be uniform colors only.

  • Skirts or jumpers must be at or below the knees.

  • All male students are required to wear a belt with their shirt tucked on the inside.

  • T-shirts must be worn as undergarments. They must be solid white color.

  • Light jackets, vests, shirts, sweaters, sweat shirts, and cardigans are permitted as items that may be worn over the uniform top. They must be white, tan, navy blue, black.

  • NO denim material may be worn as uniform clothing.

  • All uniform clothing must be plain without any manufacturer's logos, brand names, pictures, or insignias visible on the clothing.

  • Shoes can have heels no higher than one and one-half inches.

  • Shoes, with colors, are allowed. This includes Athletic shoes, dress shoes, boots and sandals with straps on the heel.

  • Heavy coats, heavy jackets and raincoats are not covered by these regulations and are not to be worn during the school day.

  • All accessories must be UNIFORM COLORS ONLY. This includes socks, hair accessories and jewelry.

  • Students may purchase BTW Paraphernalia (T-Shirts, Sweat shirts and Polo Shirts) from the school office and wear them as a part of the uniform. No outside clothing items will be permitted.

  • NO spray painted clothing permitted.

  • NO Grills. (item worn on teeth)

  • NO head gear allowed. This includes hats, scarves, hoods/sweatshirts with hoods, bandannas, du-rags etc.

  • Students are allowed to carry clear backpacks only.

  • NO large purses (no larger than a sheet of paper).

All confiscated items, excluding electronics, may be picked up at 2:05 PM daily.
Students may wear any combination of the official uniform colors only!
The school is not responsible for any lost or stolen items!

Permission to use the telephone in the school office is given for emergencies only. If a student remains after school to make up assignments, telephones are available in each classroom for students to contact parents.

Listening to Announcements:
When the All-Call system comes on for any reason – at any time of the day- all students are expected to be silent and listen.
Students are not allowed to press the all call button or respond to the intercom for the teacher.


Board Policies for Cell Phones

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Students are allowed to bring cell phone to school, but, must turn them in at the beginning of the school day. Students are able to retrieve cell phones after school.
If a cell phone/electronic device is visible during the day, the teacher will retrieve it and turn it in to the Student Support Center, who will only return it to a parent in 72 hours, from 2:00 PM – 2:15 PM.
The school is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen items that are brought to school against policy.

Classroom Guidelines:

1. Students will be seated in classroom at the ringing of tardy bell.

2. Students will follow directions from teacher or other designee in charge of classroom.

3. Students will bring all needed supplies to class (notebook, books, pen, textbook, etc)

4. Students will be recognized before speaking and will use a soft voice when engaged in

group or teamwork.

5. Students will turn in all assigned projects, portfolios, and other assignments at the

designated time and follow acceptable policies for written assignments.

Hallway Guidelines:

  1. Students will follow directions of all staff members.

  2. Students will pass through the hall in an orderly manner (walking, using a soft voice level and respecting others).

  3. Students will have a hall pass when in the hallways during class time (NO EXCEPTIONS).

  4. Always walk to right of the hall or stairs. (Do NOT play on the rails.)

  5. Students are not allowed to stop and gather in the hallway, atrium or stairwell.

  6. Profanity is not allowed at any time in the building.

    1. Cell phones/electronic devices (MP3, MP4, I Pods, CD players, PSP2, Nintendo DS etc.) are not allowed anywhere in the school building. Including the hallways, restrooms and stairwells, at any time between 6:30 AM and 2:00 PM.

  7. Students must take care of personal business between classes.

  8. Teachers will NOT give hall passes the first 10 minutes and the last 10 minutes of class.

Please inform the teacher if there is a medical emergency. (must be on the medical list)

Lunch Room Guidelines: All students must report to the cafeteria during their lunch period, and must remain in the cafeteria the entire lunch time. 10th -12th grade students are allowed to visit the Library during their lunch time, and must remain in the Library the entire Lunch time. Students are not allowed to sit in any teachers classrooms during lunch.

  1. Students will follow directions of all staff members.

  2. Students will maintain acceptable table manners and social skills.

  3. Students will dispose of all trash and keep the environment clean while in the dining area. Any students caught leaving trays will receive progressive steps of discipline.

  1. Students will not throw dishes or eating utensils in the trash.

  2. Students will not bring any food items or drinks out of the Cafeteria.

  3. Students will remain seated in the cafeteria unless they are called to line up, throwing away trash or putting away trays.

  4. Students will not throw food or any other items in the Cafeteria. (Throwing in the cafeteria is a 3 day home suspension).

  5. Students may not leave the cafeteria without first receiving permission from the administrator or teacher on duty.

  6. Students will respect the rights of others at all times.

  7. Students may NOT have fast food delivered by anyone and may not leave campus during lunch or other blocks to get lunch from outside the school. Fast food delivered to campus will be sent back with the person delivering it or be confiscated by the main office.

Auditorium/Gym Assemblies Guidelines

  1. The classroom teacher will lead their class into all assemblies.

  2. Students should enter the assemblies without talking.

  3. Students will remain with their class the entire time.

  4. Students will not sleep during assemblies.

  5. Students will not talk during presentations.

  6. Students will remain seated, unless they have received permission from the teacher.

  7. No students are allowed to remain in the classroom during entire school assemblies.

  8. No slouching in chairs during the assemblies.

Social Expectations/Profanity Guidelines:

1. Being social is the ability to work and play together.

  1. We expect students to be respectful to teachers and each other at all times.

  2. We expect students to respect each other’s space and property. (do not bother things that do not belong to you).

  3. We expect students not to curse teachers, administrators and each other at all times.

  4. We expect students to be courteous at all times.

  5. We expect students to learn to deal with conflict in ways other than fighting.

  6. We expect students who are having problems with other students to report that problem to the teacher and/or administrator.

9. We expect students to learn and teachers to teach in an environment that is safe for everyone.

Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation Guidelines:

1. Harassment is bothering people who do not want to be bothered.

2. Harassment is touching people who do not want to be touched.

3. Harassment is touching people in inappropriate ways.

4. Harassment can be girl to girl, boy to girl, girl to boy, boy to boy, student to teacher, or

teacher to student.

5. Students will not touch other students or teacher inappropriately.

6. Students will not bother students who do not want to be bothered.

7. All incidents of harassment will be reported to an administrator.


The library is open each school day from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Students are welcome in the media center at all times during the day. Small groups of 5 and individual students can be sent to the media center with a pass for research purposes or to work on an assignment. Passes are required at all times except after school and during lunch. There is a variety of print and electronic media for students to use. Photocopies are available in the library for a small fee. Students should be prompt in returning the books borrowed from the library, and late fees will be charged to students exceeding check out times.

Students are required to bring a USB Drive to save all work. The center is available during the day for entire classes to complete a variety of class projects. Students may visit the center during school hours under the supervision of a counselor or coordinator. .
Student Behavior
The SCS Code of Conduct, which furnishes the basis for misconduct and discipline, shall be made available to all students, parents/guardians, and teachers. Control over classroom behavior and maintenance of academic integrity is the primary responsibility of the instructor. For more information regarding Board Policy on student behavior, visit the SCS website or refer to the

SCS Student Code of Conduct.


In addition to classroom, school-wide and district-wide behavioral intervention strategies, several disciplinary measures may be employed to support acceptable student behavior. Disciplinary measures include confiscation of items and loss of privileges, detention/Saturday school, in-school suspension, suspension, adjustment transfer, expulsion, and remand/alternative placement. Unless otherwise stipulated in the Code of Conduct, behavioral intervention strategies and disciplinary measures may be used independently or together. With the exception of activities restricted by the principal, suspension from the bus and confiscation of items, schools shall not impose multiple disciplinary measures on a student for a single offense or violation of the Code of Conduct. The principal may restrict activities for students who accumulate a certain number of suspensions. Activities that may be restricted by the principal and the actions that may place students on restriction shall be communicated to students and parents.

A. Confiscation of Items and/or Loss of Privileges

Confiscated items include beepers, telephone pagers, laser pointers, and cellular phones.

Students may lose privileges including, but not limited to, the following:

1. Loss of classroom privileges

2. Loss of parking privileges

3. Loss of extracurricular/athletic or other school-wide privileges

4. Activities Restricted by the Principal
B. Detention - Students may be detained before or after the school day.

The following guidelines shall be followed:

1. The student will be given at least one (1) full day of notice before detention.

2. If a student does not attend detention at the assigned time the student will receive an

overnight suspension and the detention will be reassigned.

3. If the student does not attend the reassigned date further disciplinary actions will be


4. Students will be under supervision of certified staff members.

5. Detention will not exceed 45 minutes after the official closing of the school

day but may be administered several days in succession.

6. Teachers must have the approval of the principal before issuing detention.

7. Students riding school buses will be provided an alternative to detention, or

with agreement of the parents, go to detention at a later date.

8. Detention will be held Tuesday through Thursday only, from 3:15-4:15pm.

C. In School Suspension

The in school suspension program includes a behavior management component that teaches students skills to improve their behavior and make good choices while allowing students the opportunity to complete their regular classroom assignments in an isolated environment.

D. Suspension

It is not the intent of the system to remove students from the school society for first-time or for minor violations. Therefore, suspension from school should be used with caution and only in appropriate cases.

1. A behavioral intervention plan shall be developed for students who accumulate more than five days of suspensions during the school year.

2. Multiple suspensions shall not run consecutively; nor shall multiple suspensions be applied to avoid expulsion from school.

3. Reasonable effort shall be made to contact the parent/guardian immediately regarding any suspension. If contact with the parent/guardian cannot be made, the student will remain at school until dismissal time except in cases of police arrest or an emergency, such as when the student's continued presence poses a danger to persons or property in the school or an ongoing threat of disrupting the academic process. Students on suspension must not be permitted to set foot on school property, attend class, take exams, or participate in school-sponsored activities while under suspension.

F. Expulsion

Expulsions vary in length from eleven (11) days to the remainder of the school year or one (1) calendar year for state-mandated expulsions. (Any single suspension in excess of 10 consecutive days or multiple suspensions totaling 15 days in one month is an expulsion.)

Expulsions are issued for:

1. Possession of a firearm or explosive (state-mandated)

2. Possession of illegal drugs or unauthorized prescription drugs (state-mandated)

3. Battery against school personnel (state-mandated)

4. Making a threat, including a false report, to use a bomb, dynamite, any other deadly explosive or destructive device including chemical weapons on school property or at a school sponsored event (state-mandated)

5. Behaviors identified by the Board and included in the Code of Conduct

6. Behaviors that have high potential of causing serious injury and/or death

(e.g., serious threats, throwing bricks at an occupied school bus)

The Superintendent may modify a state-mandated one-year expulsion on a case-by-case basis.
G. Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment is not an approved disciplinary measure for Shelby County Schools.

H. Suspension from the School/MATA Bus

Except where prohibited by law, students who engage in bus-related misconduct may be suspended from riding the school or MATA bus to and from school. The principal will make all decisions involving temporary / permanent removal from school bus or MATA bus ridership. In such cases, the student would typically continue his/her school assignment, but he/she would have to find another means of transportation. Truancy laws would still be in effect. Additional disciplinary actions may also apply when bus-related misconduct involves a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

I. Drivers’ License Denial/Revocation

In accordance with state law, the Superintendent (designee) shall refer a student who is fifteen years of age or older with over ten consecutive or fifteen total unexcused absences in a semester to the Department of Safety for drivers’ license denial/revocation, unless the absences are due to transfer or are beyond the student’s control. The Superintendent (designee), with the assistance of the attendance teacher and any other staff or school personnel, shall be the sole judge of whether unexcused absences are due to circumstances beyond the student’s control.

Suspension, expulsion or confinement in a correctional institution shall not constitute a circumstance beyond the control of a student. A copy of the notice sent to the Department of Safety shall also be mailed to that student's parent/guardian.


Any principal (or designee) having reasonable suspicion may search any student, place or thing on school property or in the actual or constructive possession of any student during any organized school activity off campus, including buses, vehicles of students or visitors (Notice shall be posted in the school parking lot that vehicles parked on school property by students or visitors are subject to search for drugs, drug paraphernalia or dangerous weapons), and containers or packages if he/she receives information which would cause a reasonable belief that the search will lead to the discovery of:

1. Evidence of any violation of the law:

2. Evidence of any violation of school rules or regulations or proper standards of student or faculty conduct;

3. Any object or substance which, because of its presence, presents an immediate danger of harm or illness to any person.
A student using a locker that is the property of the school system does not have the right of privacy in that locker or its contents. All lockers or other storage areas provided for student use on school premises remain the property of the school system and are provided for the use of students subject to inspection, access for maintenance and search. Notice shall be posted in each school that lockers and other storage areas are school property and are subject to search.

A student may be subject to physical search or a student’s pocket, purse or other container may be required to be emptied because of the results of a locker search, or because of information received from a teacher, staff member or other student if such action is reasonable to the principal. All of the following standards of reasonableness shall be met:

1. A particular student has violated policy;

2. The search could be expected to yield evidence of the violation of school policy or disclosure of a dangerous weapon or drug;

3. The search is in pursuit of legitimate interests of the school in maintaining order, discipline, safety, supervision and education of students;

4. The primary purpose of the search is not to collect evidence for a criminal prosecution; and

5. The search shall be reasonably related to the objectives of the search and not excessively intrusive in light of the age and sex of the student, as well as the nature of the infraction alleged to have been committed.

Make Up Work

Students shall be permitted the opportunity to make up all work and classroom tests (or their equivalent) missed due to student discipline that results in an absence from school. All work and tests should be made up as soon as possible, but no later than a week after the pupil returns to school. The principal can grant exceptions in special circumstances. Each make-up work assignment shall be marked down one letter grade if the absence is unexcused. If a pupil fails to make up the work and tests, the deficiencies shall be averaged with the other grades. Makeup work for state administered tests shall be determined by state policies and procedures.


The Student Code of Conduct includes sample violations and sample disciplinary measures and interventions for students. This Code serves as a guide for students, parents/guardians, teachers and administrative personnel. The Code also includes examples of the rights and responsibilities of students, teachers and parents and a parent contract that a parent/guardian must sign to indicate that he/she received and read the Code and will abide by its contents. Although the disciplinary measures to be used are district-wide, schools may use their own intervention strategies in addition to the strategies listed in the Code.

[Note: Truancy/unexcused absence is governed by the Policy on Regularity of Attendance]

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