Booker T. Washington High School Memphis, Tennessee We’re Tops! We Lead and Others Follow!

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Telephone Directory


Alisha Coleman-Kiner

(901) 416-7240

Assistant Principal

Veda Turner

(901) 416-7240

PLC/Title I

LaKeisha Haywood

(901) 416-7232

9th Grade Administrator

Jocelyn Mosby

(901) 416-7233

Office Secretaries

Sandra Bell (Financial) – (901) 416-7225

Allacy Pickett (Records) – (901) 416-7243

Geni Brown (Attendance) – (901) 416-7237

Professional School Counselor Parent Counselor

Shalonda Williams Geni Brown

(901) 416-7230 (901) 416-7237

Athletic Director Librarian/Media Specialist

MSG Michael Holmes LaTarra Rallings

(901) 416-7240 (901) 416-7234

Nutrition Services Manager

Margarette Crockett

(901) 416-7229
Dear Washington, How we love thee,

How we adore thy name:

Led by thy glowing light

We climb our way to fame.

Refrain: To thee we pledge our faith and love,

Our devotion deep as the sea

With zeal for thy cherished mandates,

Alma mater, we pledge to thee

In thy worthy halls we assemble,

Hearts seeking truth and love;

Thy noble works stand forth

Like the stars from heaven above.

Dear Washington, ours forever,

Thy virtues we extol,

Lead on while all hearts sing

Thy praise from pole to pole

Washington, on Washington,

Our school, we love you so,

Washington, oh Washington,

Where ever you go - - -

We will fight for our school boys,

Fight for our school boys,

Fight for our Washington,

Fight for our Washington,

Fight for our Washington boys.
Mascot: Warrior Colors: Green and Gold
Motto: “We’re Tops! We Lead and Others Follow”




Physical Ed

English 9-12/Honors


Lifetime Wellness


Physical Ed I & II


Fine Arts

Career and Technical Ed

General Music


Accounting I

Senior Band


Personal Finance

Visual Art I

Spanish I & II


Business Management

Computer Applications


Child Development



Life Connections

Algebra I & II/Honors


Family & Consumer Science



Nutrition & Foods



Textiles & Apparel

Bridge Math


Cosmetology I, II, & III



Print Graph Technology I & II


Digital Arts/Design I

Social Studies

World Geography/Honors



World History/Honors


Anatomy & Physiology

U.S. History/Honors




Economics/US Government



Practical Law





Other Courses


Exceptional Children Services


ACT Math/ELA Prep









Career and Technical Education also offers concentrators in the following programs:

  • Business Technology

  • Family and Consumer Science

  • Trade and Industry

  • Cosmetology

Careers and Technology Classroom Fees

Ms. V. Henry

Family and Consumer Sciences

Nutrition and Foods

Life Connections
Each class requires an operation fee. The fee for FACS is $20 and the fee for Nutrition and Foods is $25. Fees will assist with purchasing supplies for the foods lab and any other projects selected throughout the school year. Fees are preferred to be paid in full. However, installments at the beginning of each semester,will be accepted.
Mrs. V. Jordan-Spencer

**Cosmetology kits are $250.00. Payment plans and other options are available. See Mrs. Spencer for complete details.

Mrs. T. Marshall

**Business Education students may become members of FBLA. Dues are $12.00. Any other required fees will be established by Mrs. Marshall.

Mr. M. Oliver

**Print Graph Technology students are required to become members of Skills USA. Dues are $12.00. Any other fees will be established by Mr. Oliver.

Band Practices
Marching Band practices are Monday through Friday during 7th block. During this time students will be in full band rehearsal as well as sectionals. Each section will also be assigned for afterschool rehearsals once a week. When preparing for special events such as homecoming, afterschool practices will be required for all participating students.

Band Fees
Instrument Rental

There is no fee to rent Shelby County Schools instruments. Students are responsible for their own reeds, ligatures, straps, drum sticks/mallets and mouthpieces. If an instrument is damaged in the students’ possession, the band director is to be notified immediately.

Uniform and T-Shirt Rental

Students are required to pay a $40 uniform fee. This includes jogging suits and t-shirts. Students are also required to participate in band fundraisers to assist with uniform fees.

Senior Class Handbook

Class of 2014

Advisor Lead Contact For:

Mrs. Jaclyn Boyd Yearbook & Ads


Mr. Adrian Hampton Senior Week and Service Projects


Ms. Victoria Henry Prom


Ms. Victoria Henry Graduation and Fundraisers


Mrs. Loretta Lane Pageant and Coronation


Ms. Sarah Speed Senior Trip

Mrs. Stephanie Johnson-Bigham
Mrs. Tecia Marshall Treasurer



The role of the senior advisors is to ensure the graduating senior class has a productive school year. Not only do the senior sponsors plan activities, but also sponsors help the school counselor in making students ready for life after graduation (college choices, scholarships, admission essays and recommendations, etc…).


Senior Responsibilities

College Application

Each senior must take the ACT at least once prior to graduation.


Each senior is required to apply to at least two colleges and/or trade schools. After applying, students must show proof of application to the school counselor (an acceptance or letter of regret).



Each senior is required to apply for at least three scholarships. Federal Financial Aid MUST be completed by February 15th, NO EXCEPTIONS!


Advisory and Discipline Committee

When seniors misbehave, the advisory committee (All senior advisors, senior class president, Behavior Specialist) will meet to determine the severity of the behavior. Once it is determined as a behavior infraction, the student will receive a strike. Behavior infractions can include, but are not limited to suspensions, referrals, being tardy to class, fighting, unexcused absences, etc.




2nd strike – cannot participate in one senior activity

4th strike – cannot participate in two senior activities

6th strike – No Senior Week

8th strike – No Prom

9th strike – No Senior Trip

10th strike – No Graduation

Activities /Fundraisers

Mr. and Miss BTW Pageant 

Car Wash

World’s Finest Chocolate Candy Sale

Breast Cancer Awareness

Talent Showcase

Yearbook Ad Sales

LifeBlood Blood Drive
Senior Paraphernalia

BTW ‘14 short-sleeved senior t-shirt

BTW ‘14 polo shirt

BTW ‘14 drawstring tote

BTW ‘14 jacket
Dress Code

Seniors are required to be in compliance with SCS Dress Code every day. On Fridays seniors are allowed to wear their senior class shirts and senior paraphernalia.


Seniors and their dates (junior or senior) are required to wear formal attire. Ladies are to wear a formal, age appropriate dress. No undergarments are to be seen and the body should be respectfully covered. Young men are required to wear a suit or tuxedo. No tennis shoes.

Class Day:

Because class day is a day set aside to honor seniors, each senior is required to wear specific attire… NO EXCEPTIONS.

Young Men

Black slacks (no jeans, Dickies, etc…)

Solid White shirt with a collar

Black socks

Black shoes

Necktie (any combination of black and white only)

Shirts must be tucked and a black belt must be worn.

Young Ladies

Solid white dress, or solid white skirt and blouse/ suit

Solid white dress shoe or sandal– NO flip flops of any kind are allowed.

(If the dress or blouse has no sleeves a wrap or jacket must be worn. No pants or pant suits are permitted. Pantyhose are not optional. They must be worn.)

Please adhere to the dress code. No student will be allowed to participate without the appropriate attire.

Young men are required to wear slacks with a shirt and tie.

Young ladies are to wear a dress.

No jeans, no tennis shoes, no flip flops

Senior Fees

Senior fees include:

Senior Paraphernalia $75.00

Prom $75.00

Yearbook $75.00

Cap & Gown

w/diploma cover $75.00

Senior Week $150.00

   $450 (Actual Total)

Suggested Payment Schedule:

So that expenses will not overwhelm students and their families the following payment schedule is suggested. If senior fees are not paid in full by April 4, 2014, that senior will not be allowed to participate in any senior activity until the balance is paid in full with no refund. Each activity can be purchased separately, but the complete senior package can be purchased for $325.00

September 6, 2013 $75.00 (required)

October 4, 2013 $50.00

November 8, 2013 $50.00

December 6, 2013 $50.00

January 10, 2014 $50.00

February 7, 2014 $50.00

Dates to Remember:
$50 deposit for class rings October 24th

(Rings start @ $120)

Baby Pictures for the yearbook October 11th (last day)

Yearbook Ads November 1st (last day)

Mr. & Miss BTW Pageant November 22nd

Coronation December 13th

Talent Show sponsored by the senior class December 20th
Prom May 9, 2014

Class Day May 16, 2014

Graduation May 17, 2013

Senior Trip May 18-23, 2013


 *Dates are subject to change.


**Students still owing senior fees will not be allowed to participate in any senior activities.
If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Hampton at or 901-416-7240.




Athletic Director

MSG Michael Holmes


Director Alquita Murray-Jones


Coach Ethan Latham

Boys Basketball

Coach Antonio Harris

Girls Basketball

Coach Steven McKinney


Coach Jocelyn Mosby

Flag Girls

Coach Loretta Lane


Coach Tara Harris-Davis


Coach Michael Phillips

Asst. Coach Tara Harris-Davis

Coach Venezia Spencer

Asst. Coach Victoria Henry

Coach Terrilyn Miller

Asst. Coach Steven McKinney

Coach Victoria Henry

Boys & Girls Cross Country

Coach Anjuli Gustafson

Boys’ & Girls Track

Coach Erica Davis

Booker T. Washington High School (BTW) competes in a variety of sports at the varsity, junior varsity, and freshman levels.
BTW competes in the following sports: baseball, softball, basketball, cross-country, football, tennis, track, and volleyball.
Insurance Fees per Sport

Football - $60

Basketball - $15

Freshman Basketball - $15

Baseball - $10

Bowling - $15

Cheerleaders - $10

Cross Country - $5

Softball - $10

Swimming - $5

Tennis - $5

Track - $5

Volleyball - $5
Due Dates:

Fall Sports – 09/03/13

Winter Sports – 11/20/13

Spring Sports – 03/10/14

Sportsmanship: BTW student athletes have a long-standing reputation for academic success and for the example they set for their peers regarding conduct.
The Athletic Department upholds the Three Keys to Success at Booker T. Washington High School: Be Prompt! Be Prepared! Be Respectful! All students who participate in athletics at Booker T. Washington High School are expected to show a professional etiquette that demonstrates leadership, that is highly competitive, and that shows respect for their competitor, for themselves, for their school, for their families, and for their community.
Eligibility: BTW follows TSSAA eligibility rules regarding attendance, academic performance, and previous school athletic participations. First-time BTW students should contact the athletic director (MSG Michael Holmes) for their eligibility status to play their first year at BTW.
Try-Outs: Incoming freshmen interested in playing football may contact the school in May or June. Announcements are made during the school year when students may try out for each sport. Students interested in serving as managers, trainers, statisticians, and videographers should contact the head coach for the sport of their interest.

Where to Get Help

Fee Waiver, Free or Reduced Lunch Applications, Lockers and Financial Transactions, Injuries

Mrs. Sandra Bell

Senior Activities and Student Council Information

Mr. Adrian Hampton

Student Activities (i.e. Honors Programs) and 9th Grade Discipline

Mrs. Jocelyn Mosby

Attendance Verification, Student Illness

Ms. Geni Brown

Hygiene, Discipline and Enrollment

Ms. Allacy Pickett

Records, Report Cards and Transcript Request

Ms. Allacy Pickett

Computer Lab

Mrs. LaTarra Rallings

9-12 Guidance, Scholarships, Health Services, Financial Aid, Class Schedule Request, Transcript review, Overage for grade Assessment and eSchool Requests

Mrs. Shalonda Williams


Mrs. Tecia Marshall

Volunteer, Tutor and Parent Resource Request

Mrs. Lakeisha Haywood

Multi Hazard Emergencies and Environmental Health and Safety

MSG Holmes

Class Schedule Changes

Each spring, students request classes for the next year and the school master schedule is created based on these requests. Schedule changes often result in a failure to meet graduation requirements or failure to meet college requirements. A request for a schedule change should only be made if a student is enrolled in the wrong class due to error.

Student Board Policies

(Click to view)

Course Recovery Program

This program is designed to assist students who are not successful in their coursework or who are overage for grade and need accelerated assistance with graduating on time. See Mrs. Williams logging in, submitting assignments or password reset or for more information.

Tutoring—Peer/Teacher Led

The National Honor Society members are required to tutor their peers as one of their membership requirements. Students may see Mrs. Rallings for a peer tutoring request.

Many BTW teachers conduct after school and weekend tutoring for their students. Students should check with their individual teachers to find out these hours.

Student transcripts show semester grades, semester and cumulative grade point averages, class rank, and standardized test scores. A fee is charged to cover the cost of processing transcript requests. An “official” transcript must be mailed directly from BTW to the receiving institution or agency.

Test Preparation

BTW offers a comprehensive test preparation program during the year that provides assistance with End of Course and ACT preparation. Counselors will provide an updated list to students and parents of dates and times of test preparations that will be offered during the year. Please contact Mrs. Lakeisha Haywood for additional information on tutoring services.

Parking Lot Guidelines

Students may park only in the Lauderdale parking lot located beside the gym. Students, who park anywhere, but these designated student-parking areas, will lose the privilege of parking on the campus. Students may not park in the teacher/visitor parking lot and must abide by City of Memphis parking regulations in the front of the school.

Parents should drop off and pick up students on the Lauderdale Street side. Students may not go to their cars or sit in their cars during the day, and students may not drive around the parking lot before, during, or after school.
School Activities

A Monthly School Activity Calendar is posted on the bulletin boards in the lobby and in each classroom. Students should consult this calendar regularly for activity schedules that include times and places for tests, pep rallies, assemblies, etc.

Clubs and Special Programs

Students interested in joining a club should see the club sponsor. Clubs will meet during and after school.

  • Student Council Elections—Election of the Student Council Executive Board is held during the fall semester. Each year, student council representatives are selected from each grade, a freshman is elected for the leadership council, and class officers are elected for each grade. See Mr. Adrian Hampton for details.

  • Mu Alpha Theta

Mu Alpha Theta is an honorary mathematics organization. Only those students who excel in mathematics will receive Invitations to join Mu Alpha Theta. For more information on this honorary math organization, please see Mr. Steven McKinney.

  • National Honor Society

In order to be eligible for membership in the National Honor Society, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Students must have a 3.5 GPA. Once admitted, students must maintain a 3.5 GPA for the duration of their stay at BTW. Grade point averages will be checked each semester.

  2. Students must have been enrolled at BTW the previous semester in order to be eligible for membership into the National Honor Society.

  3. Eligible students will be notified in a timely fashion and must complete an application in order to be considered for membership in the National Honor Society. Students who are invited to join the National Honor Society must exhibit not only the 3.8 GPA but also evidence of good character, leadership, service, and a willingness to take part in NHS activities.

  4. Once students become members of the National Honor Society, they must perform five hours of peer tutoring each nine weeks for three nine-week periods. Students must also participate in two service projects each school year while they are students at BTW.

  5. The Faculty and Administration will review each Honor Society member’s status each nine weeks.

A. Maceo Walker Chapter of the National Honor Society

(NHS, Library and Literacy!) / Book Club

Future Business Leaders of America

Future Consumer and Career Leaders of America

Skills USA

Boys II Men

Student Government Association

GEEK Squad

Art Club

Drill Team

Yearbook Staff

Analytical Crime Investigations (Forensics)

Boys/Girls Game Club

Digital Art Graphics & Design

Drama/Theatre Club



Plants 'R Us

Teen Parenting

Ladies on the Move (Girl's Fitness)

Chippendales (Boy's Fitness)

College Bound

*Academic Clubs – Students must meet qualifications requirements.


Students meeting the entire Shelby County Schools requirement for Honor Roll status will be recognized during an assembly each nine weeks. Specific dates and times for each program will be given before each assembly.

“O” DAY participants are students who have received outstanding progress within a nine week period by accomplishing success in the following areas:

  • No tardies to school or to class

  • No behavior infractions

  • No unexcused absences

  • No less than an “S” in conduct

All student that receive an outstanding student award during each nine week period will participate in an off campus excursion/field trip.

Warrior Bucks is an incentive program, funded thru FedEx, which rewards students for their attendance, grades, and conduct during the school year. Every student that is enrolled at Booker T. Washington High School is eligible to win the prizes.
Prizes are given to the top five students from each grade (9th – 12th) based on the points that they received for that nine weeks. At the end of the school year, large prizes are given to the top students from each grade based on the accumulation of points from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd nine weeks.
Points Breakdown

Each student is given 100 points for E’s and S’s only (N’s and U’s = disqualification)


-Students are given 100 points for attendance

-Subtract 1 point for every tardy and absences listed on the report card

*Every ‘A’ the student receives 4 points

*Every ‘B’ the student receives 3 points

*Every ‘C’ the student receives 2 points

*Every ‘D’ the student receives 1 point

*Every ‘F’ the student receives 0 points

-Add all points

-Divide points by the total number of classes

-Multiply by 25
Final Calculations

Conduct + Attendance + Grade = Total

Finally, take the total and divide by 3

TOTAL/3 = # of Warrior Bucks Points


John Doe 1st nine weeks

Class Absences Grade Conduct

English 10 4 87 S

Algebra 2 3 81 S

Lifetime Wellness 3 95 E

Biology 2 93 S

Spanish 1 5 72 S

General Music 4 88 E

World History 5 77 S

Carpentry 2 91 E

Student has 3 E’s, and 5 S’s = 100 points


Student has 28 absences and 0 tardies. 100 – 28 = 72


Student has 2 A’s = 8 points

Student has 3 B’s = 9 points

Student has 2 C’s = 4 points

Student has 1 D = 1 point

No points are given for F’s, N’s, or U’s.

22 divided by 8 = 2.75

2.75 multiplied by 25 = 68.75 points

Final Calculations

Conduct = 100 points

Attendance = 72 points

Grades = 68.75 points

100 + 72 + 68.75 = 240.75 Warrior Buck Points

Grading Scale

93 – 100 = A

85 – 92 = B

75 – 84 = C

70 – 74 = D

69 – below = F

Students are responsible for all books issued to them. When a textbook is lost, the student must pay for the textbook before the teacher can issue another one. The final reports will not be mailed if the student has not returned their books or paid the fees.
Regular Schedule:



1st Bell Rings

6:55 A.M.

1st Block

7:05 A.M. – 7:55 A.M.

2nd Block

8:00 A.M. – 8:50 A.M.

3rd Block

8:55 A.M. – 9:45 A.M.

4th Block

9:50 A.M. – 10:40 A.M.

5th Block

10:45 A.M. – 12:10 P.M.

6th Block

12:15 P.M. – 1:05 P.M.

7th Block

1:10 P.M. – 2:00 P.M.

Homeroom Schedule:



1st Bell Rings

6:55 A.M.


7:05 A.M. – 7:20 A.M.

1st Block

7:25 A.M. – 8:13 A.M.

2nd Block

8:18 A.M. – 9:06 A.M.

3rd Block

9:11 A.M. – 9:59 A.M.

4th Block

10:04 A.M. – 10:52 A.M.

5th Block

10:57 A.M. – 12:14 P.M.

6th Block

12:19 P.M. – 1:07 P.M.

7th Block

1:12 P.M. – 2:00 P.M.

Morning Activity Schedule:



1st Bell Rings

6:55 A.M.

1st Block

7:05 A.M. – 7:45 A.M.

The Activity

7:50 A.M. – 9:00 A.M.

2nd Block

9:05 A.M. – 9:45 A.M.

3rd Block

9:50 A.M. – 10:30 A.M.

5th Block

10:35 A.M. – 11:45 A.M.

4th Block

11:50 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.

6th Block

12:35 P.M. – 1:15 P.M.

7th Block

1:20 P.M. – 2:00 P.M.


The policies and procedures contained in this handbook are the result of a concerted effort of the faculty, administration, parent and student representatives. This information has been carefully prepared and will be of great value in helping you to adjust to the school. If adhered to, these guidelines will help provide a safe, healthy and orderly environment in which to learn. It is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with all rules.

Board Policies for Attendance

(Click to view)

The following steps will be taken for students who arrive to school late without a parent/guardian or doctor’s excuse:

1st Offense – Verbal Warning/Letter to Parent

2nd Offense – Detention

3rd Offense – Detention

4th Offense – Overnight Suspension/Attendance Team Referral

5th Offense – Success Team Referral/Create Contract

7th Offense – Expulsion

Tardy to School:

Students reporting to school after 7:05 A.M. must report to student support for an admit. All students arriving to school after 7:30 AM MUST have a parent/legal guardian to check in. Students who receive 3 or more tardies will be referred to the Attendance Review Team. All students tardy to school must enter the outside door in the vocational building near the visitor’s parking lot. (Georgia Street).

Tardiness to Class:

Students are expected to be in their assigned seats in each class by the ringing of the tardy bell. Tardiness will be recorded by each classroom teacher and reported each nine weeks on the report card. Students who are tardy will miss an important part of the class lesson as teachers explain what is to take place during the class period. It is important to be on time.

Students who are tardy to class will receive progressive disciplinary action. Students may obtain an admit from the Student Support Center (Ms. Pickett).
Excused Tardies during school:

1. Note from Guidance

2. Note from Administration/Pupil Services

3. Note from Sponsor (after pep rally or assembly)

Tardy to School Tardy to Class

Intervention Steps and Consequences

The following intervention steps and consequences will be followed regarding students who are tardy to school or to class

# of Tardies





Detention/Saturday School


School Improvement Services


Overnight Suspension (Attendance Team Referral)


In School Suspension (ISS)

*Please note that this cycle starts over each nine-week grading period.

It is also very important to note that students will be referred to the Truancy Officer for excessive absences/tardies.
Excused Absences:

Absences are considered “excused” if due to injury, illness, doctor’s appointment, or death in the family. Students will be allowed to make up work when absences are excused. Please note: Over-sleeping, family trips, shopping, babysitting, and paying bills for family members are unexcused absences and may result in poor classroom performance. In these cases, teachers may not allow work to be made up.

Excused Absences

  1. Personal illness of the pupil.

  2. Death or serious illness in the immediate family of the pupil (three days).

  3. Validated court appearances of the pupil.

  4. Recognized religious holiday/event.

  5. Any other unusual cause acceptable to the principal. (These reasons will include approved school sponsored/sanctioned activities.)

Make-up Assignments of Absentees:

When a student has an excused absence, teachers are not obligated to initiate make-up work. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange with his/her teachers (at a time convenient to the teacher) for make-up assignments and tests missed. Teachers are not responsible for ensuring that make-up assignments are completed.


A student who is found to be truant (out of school without the parent’s knowledge) may be issued a suspension. Failure of the parent to respond will result in further action.

Students who are absent 3 or more days without documentation WILL NOT participate in any school related activities this includes but not limited to: Athletics, Field Trips, Graduation and Senior Activities etc.
Homework Assignments during Absence:

If a student knows that he or she will be absent for several days for a justifiable reason, it is possible for homework assignments to be sent home. Arrangements for this must be made through the Guidance Department.

Consequences for Unexcused Absences

The following procedures are used when students are absent without an excuse:

  • First two unexcused absences: Phone calls to a student’s parent/guardian each time the student is absent.

  • Third unexcused absence: Warning letter informing parent/guardian of truancy laws and the consequences of not complying with the law; request for a parent teacher conference.

  • Fifth unexcused absence: Warning letter from the U.S. District Attorney’s Office sent home; student’s parent/guardian must attend a meeting and become part of their child’s Student Attendance Review Team (SART) to address the causes of unexcused absences and identify interventions.

  • Ten or more unexcused absences: The student’s case shall be sent to a city-wide Student Attendance Review Board (SARB), which includes individuals from other organizations that work with students. This Board will work with parents/guardians to try and restore a student’s regular attendance at school.

  • If the student continues to accumulate unexcused absences, the case will be referred to Juvenile Court and the U.S. District Attorney General for prosecution for failure to follow the compulsory attendance laws. In accordance with state law, students who have over ten (10) consecutive or fifteen (15) total unexcused absences in a semester will be referred to the Department of Safety for drivers’ license denial/revocation. (This applies to students who are fifteen (15) years of age or older.) A copy of the notice shall be mailed to the student’s parents/guardian.

Unauthorized Absence from Class (Class Cutting/Leaving Campus):

Any student who is absent from class without authorization from school personnel is considered as cutting class. Administrative action will be taken.

Permission to Leave School:

Students seeking permission to leave school prior to 2:00 P.M. must be checked-out by a parent/guardian. Parent/Guardian must show I.D. in order to check-out student. No dismissals will be issued over the telephone.

NO DISMISSALS will be issued during the following times:

10:45am – 12:10pm (student lunches)

After 1:30 P.M.
Early releases will be treated in the same manner as tardiness. Hence, excessive early releases, that are not medically related and/or three (3) unexcused early releases, will result in the following:

1st Offense – Verbal Warning

2nd Offense – Documented Telephone Call to Parent

3rd Offense – Documented Attendance Team Referral

4th Offense – Parent/Guardian Conference Request (Intervention Plan Created)

5th Offense – Success School Referral

Hall Passes
Each student is required to have a signed hall pass in order to be in the hall for any reason (restroom, office, etc.). Teachers will not give hall passes during the first 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes of a class block.


In an effort to preserve our instructional time, all suspensions must be cleared from 2:15 PM – 2:30 PM. No Exceptions!

  • Suspensions may be cleared by a parent/legal guardian only.

  • Parents must arrive IN Student Support BY 2:15 PM.

  • All suspensions that are not cleared in a timely manner will be referred to the Truancy Officer.

  • Students mat NOT participate or attend school sponsored activities until suspensions are cleared. (i.e. Athletics, Games, Field Trips, Dances/prom etc.)

Steps for Clearing Each Suspension: (Overnights Excluded)

1st Offense

  1. Meet with Attendance Team

  2. Meet with Counselor

    1. Discuss behavior and steps to correct (create contract)

    2. Review Contract with Parent and Administrator

  3. Meet with all teachers (2:20 PM)

2nd Offense

  1. Include all steps above

  2. Counselor will review plan to see what went wrong with parent and administrator.

  3. Watch 30-minute video and complete worksheet (Counselor)

3rd Offense

  1. Include all steps from above

  2. Counselor will review plan to see what went wrong with parent and administrator.

  3. Watch 1-hour video and complete worksheet (Counselor)

4th Offense


Counselor will submit to administrator

5th Offense


Administrator will submit to Pupil Services


Board Policies for Student Behavior

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