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Politics and Catholic Freedom, by Garry Wills, 7: 266-68.

Religion and the American People, by J. L. Thomas, 6: 246-48.

Dunn, Charles W.

Christianity and Modern Politics, edited by Louisa S. Hulett, 37: 426.

Dunn, D. Elwood

Christianity and Politics in Doe’s Liberia, by Paul Gifford, 36: 851.

Dunn, Dennis J.

Conscience Captivity: Religion in Eastern Europe, by Janice Broun, 32: 640-41.

Modern Encyclopedia of Religions in Russia and the Soviet Union, The, Vol. 1: Aaron—Annunciation, edited by Paul D. Steeves, 32: 655-56.

Orthodox Church and Civil Society in Russia, The, by Wallace L. Daniel, 49: 360-61.

Protestantism and Politics in Eastern Europe and Russia: The Communist and Post-Communist Eras, edited by Sabrina Petra Ramet, 36: 611-12.

Public Opinion and Political Change in Poland, 1980-82, by David S. Mason, 29: 560-61.

Dunn, James M.

Baptist Reformation, The, by Jerry Sutton, 43: 824-25.

Churches in Cultural Captivity: A History of the Social Attitudes of Southern Baptists, by John Lee Eighmy, 19: 581-83.

Formation of the Primitive Baptist Movement, The, by Jeffrey Wayne Taylor, 47: 632-34.

Politics Is My Parish: An Autobiography, by Brooks Hays, 26: 127-29.

Religion in the Modern American West, by Ference Morton Szasz, 44: 167-68.

To Defend the Constitution: Religion, Conscientious Objection, Naturalization and the Supreme Court, by Ronald B. Flowers, 46: 155-56.

Dunn, Joe P.

Civil Disobedience: Theory and Practice, edited by Hugo Adam Bedau, 20: 58.

Conspiracy: The Implications of the Hapsburg Trial for the Democratic Tradition, edited by John C. Raines, 19: 601-02.

For Peace and Justice: Pacifism in America, 1914-1941, by Charles Chatfield, 19: 596-97.

U.S. Foreign Policy and Christian Ethics, by John C. Bennett and Harvey Seil, 20: 596-97.

Durasoff, Douglas

Religious and Secular Forces in Late Tsarist Russia: Essays in Honor of Donald W. Treadgold, edited by Charles E. Timberlake, 36: 394-95.

Durnbaugh, Donald F.

The Writings of Dirk Philips, by C. J. Dyke and William E. Keeney, 35: 633-34.

Durso, Pamela Robinson

Religion in Nineteenth Century America, by Grant Wacker, 43: 158-59.

Dwyer, E. L.

Jesus and the Gospel, by Pierre Benoit, 19: 370

Peter in the New Testament, edited by John Reumann, Raymond E. Brown, and Karl P. Donfried, 17: 113-14.

Strangers and Exiles: Living by Promise, by David O. Woodyard, 18: 373-74.

Dyck, Cornelius J.

Every Need Supplied: Mutual Aid Christian Community in the Free Church, 1525-1675, edited by Donald F. Durnbaugh, 18: 583-84.

Religion and Violence: A Primer for White Americans, by Robert McAfee Brown, 17: 136-38.

Dyer, Preston M.

Human Sexuality: A Christian View, by John C. Dwyer, 31: 154-55.

Sociology of Emile Durkheim, The, by Robert A. Nisbet, 21: 362.

Eadie, John W.

Martydom and Rome, by G. W. Bowersock, 39: 586-87.

Eason, Henry

Behind the Wall, by Robert E. A. Lee, 6: 253-55.

Eaves, Richard Glen

Decline of Medieval Hellenism in Asia Minor and the Process of Islamization from the Eleventh through the Fifteenth Century, The, by Speros Vryonis, Jr., 21: 369.

Medieval Church and Society: Collected Essays, by Christopher Brooke, 14: 545-46.

Of Presbyters and Kings: Church and State in the Law of Scotland, by Francis Lyall, 25: 363-64.

Ebel, Jonathan

The Politics of Past Evil: Religion, Reconciliation, and the Dilemmas of Transitional Justice, edited by Dan Philpott, 49: 561-62.

Eby, Frederick

Religion and the State University, edited by Erich A. Walter et al., 2: 81-84.

Eckardt, A. Roy

The Crime of Christendom: The Theological Sources of Christian Anti-Semitism, by Fred Gladstone Bratton, 14: 128-31.

Edelstein, Tildon G.

Race and Religion in Early 19th Century America, 1800-1850: Constitution, Conscience and the Calvinist Compromise, by Joseph R. Washington, Jr., 32: 430-31.

Ederer, Rupert J.

A Century of Catholic Social Thought: Essays on “Rerum Novarum” and Nine Other Key Documents, edited by George Weigel and Robert Royal, 34: 858-60.

Edwards, Charles S.

Character of the Good Ruler, The: A Study of Puritan Political Ideas in New England, 1630-1730, by T. H. Breen, 14: 522-24.

John F. Kennedy and American Catholicism, by Lawrence H. Fuchs, 10: 467-69.

New State, The, by Victor Pradera, 21: 136­-38.

Pacifism in the United States—From the Colonial Era to the First World War, by Peter Brock, 11: 525-27.

Religion among the Unitarian Universalists: Converts in the Stepfather’s House, by Robert B. Tapp, 20: 161-62.

Summons Unto Men, A: An Anthology of the Writings of John Haynes Holmes, edited by Carl Hermann Voss, 14: 353.

Unraveling of America, The, by Stephen V. Monsma, 19: 136-37.

Edwards, Lillie Johnson

Destiny and Race: Selected Writings, 1840-1898Alexander Crummell, edited by Wilson Jeremiah Moses, 35: 636-37.

Edwards, Mark U., Jr.

Jew in Christian Theology, The: Martin Luther’s Anti-Jewish “Vom Schem Hamphoras,” Previously Unpublished in English, and Other Milestones in Church Doctrine Concerning Judaism, by Gerhard Falk, 36: 170-71.

Efron, John M.

Messianism, Zionism, and Jewish Religious Radicalism, by Aviezer Ravitzky, 40: 472-73.

Egger, Vernon

Radical Islam: Medieval Theology and Modern Politics, by Emmanuel Sivan, 35: 159-60.

Eggerman, Richard W.

The Agonising Choice: Birth Control, Reli­gion and the Law, by Norman St. John­ Stevas, 14: 536-37.

Eisenach, Eldon J.

The Mind of John Locke: A Study of Political Theory in Its Intellectual Setting, by Ian Harris, 38: 424-25.

Eisenman, Russell

Encyclopedia of White Power: A Sourcebook on the Radical Racist Right, by Jeffrey Kaplan, 43: 626-27.

Voices of the Religious Left: A Contemporary Sourcebook, by Rebecca T. Alpert, 43: 616-18.

Eisenstadt, Peter

The Rude Hand of Innovation: Religion and Social Order in Albany, New York, 1652-1836, by David G. Hackett, 34: 875-76.

Elhard, D. Wayne

Case of Freedom, The: Human Rights in the Church, edited by James A. Coriden, 14: 159.

Conflict, Violence, and Peace, edited by Anwar M. Barkat, 13: 545.

Divine Disobedience: Profiles in Catholic Radicalism, by Francine du Pies six Gray, 13: 544-45.

God and Caesar, edited by Robert D. Linder, 14: 355.

Prison Journals of a Priest Revolutionary, by Philip Berrigan, 13: 547.

Reformed Bishops and Catholic Elders, by Eugene P. Heideman, 14: 158.

Ellis, John Tracy

Citizen of No Mean City: Archbishop Patrick Riordan of San Francisco (1841­-1914), by James P. Gaffey, 20: 145-46.

Ellis, Walter E.

Champions of the Truth: Fundamentalism, Modernism, and the Maritime Baptists, by G. A. Rawlyk, 33: 620-22.

Ellor, Jim

Faith-Based Initiatives and the Bush Administration, by Jo Renee Formicola, Mary C. Segers, and Paul Weber, 47: 415.

Elshtain, Jean Bethke

Ethics and the Gulf War: Religion, Rhetoric and Righteousness, by Kenneth L. Vaux, 36: 853.

Elton, Hugh

Reach of Rome, The: A History of the Roman Imperial Frontier, 1st-5th Centuries AD, by Derek Williams, 41: 378-79.

Enge, Kjell I.

Archbishop Romero: Martyr of Salvador, by Placido Erdozain, 24: 629-30.

El Salvador iPor que la Insurreccion?, by Higinio Alas, 25: 348-49.

Politics of the Miraculous in Peru: Haya de la Torre and the Spiritualist Tradition, by Frederick B. Pike, 30: 159-60.

Engeman, Thomas S.

Methodism and Politics in British Society, 1750-1850, by David Hempton, 29: 140-41.

English, Adam C.

Deconstructing Jesus, by Robert M. Price, 43: 347-48.

What in the World Is God Doing? Re-Imagining Spirit and Power, by Lee E. Snook, 42: 369-70.

Enroth, Ronald

Dark Lord, The: Cult Images and the Hare Krishnas in America, by Larry D. Shinn, 30: 610.

Entelis, John P.

Introduction to Islamic Theology and Law, by Ignaz Goldziher, 24: 380-81.

Ericson, J. E.

Freedom from Federal Establishment: For­mation and Early History of the First Amendment Religion Clauses, by Chester J. Antieau et al., 8: 461-63.

Individualism and Nationalism in American Ideology, by Yehoshuo Arieli, 8: 124-25.

Esenwein, George

The Spanish Civil War as a Religious Tragedy, by José M. Sánchez, 31: 148-49.

Esposito, John L.

Religion and Politics in the Middle East, edited by Michael Curtis, 24: 617-19.

Estep, W. R.

Balthasar Hubmaier: Theologian of Anabaptism, edited and translated by H. Wayne Pipkin and John Howard Yoder, 32: 420-21.

Estep, William R., Jr.

The Golden Years of the Hutterites: The Witness and Thought of the Communal Moravian Anabaptists During the Walpot Era, 1565-1578, by Leonard Gross, 24: 150-51.

Estess, Ted L.

Abraham Joshua Heschel and Elie Wiesel: You Are My Witnesses, by Maurice Friedman, 31: 573.

Estrada, Jorge O.

The Constitution in the Courts: Law or Politics?, by Michael J. Perry, 38: 653-54.

Ethridge, Jack

The Judge and the Faith Healer, by Richard Hughes, 32: 899.

Ettner-Levkovitz, Gale

The Jewish State—A Century Later, by Alan Dowty, 41: 377-78.

Etuk, Einma S.

The Irony of Apartheid: The Struggle for National Independence of Afrikaner Cal­vinism Against British Imperialism, by Irv­ing Hexham, 25: 576-77.

Eubanks, Franklin G.

Dilemma in the Congressional Power to Enforce the Fourteenth Amendment, The, by Frederick P. Lewis, 23: 159-60

Victims of Politics: The State of Human Rights, by Kurt Glaser and Stefan T. Pos­sony, 23: 160-61.

Evans, John Whitney

The Communal Catholic: A Personal Mani­festo, by Andrew M. Greeley, 21: 156.

Evans, Sean

The Choice Principle: The Biblical Case for Legal Toleration, by Andy G. Olree, 49: 371-72.

Eveland, Charles L.

Between Two Worlds: A Congressman’s Choice, by John B. Anderson, 14: 350-51.

Everett, Robert A.

Between Redemption and Perdition: Modern Antisemitism and Jewish Identity, by Robert C. Wistrich, 33: 824-25.

Origin of Anti-Semitism, The: Attitudes Toward Judaism in Pagan and Christian Antiquity, by John Gager, 27: 525-27.

Fagan, Kevin

Catholic Identity: Balancing Reason, Faith, and Power, by Michele Dillon, 43: 350-51.

Jesuit Political Thought, The Society of Jesus and the State, c. 1540-1630, by Harro Hopfl, 48: 213-14.

John Charles McQuaid: Ruler of Catholic Ireland, by John Cooney, 43: 147-48.

John Courtney Murray in a Cold War Context, by Thomas W. O’Brien, 48: 469-70.

Pope’s Armada, The, by Gordon Urquhart, 42: 865-66.

Fairbanks, David

Children of Freedom: Black Liberation in Christian Perspective, by Peter C. Hodg­son, 19: 360-61.

Free White and Christtan, by Donald G, Shockley, 19: 602.

Falk, Gustave F,

Barriers and Bridges to Brotherhood, by Haskell M. Miller, 6: 258-60.

Father Cyril, O.A.R.

Petr Chelick’y: A Radical Separatist in Hussite Bohemia, by Massey L. Wagner, 28: 124-25.

Faulkner, Joseph E.

Resilience of Christianity in the Modern World, The, by Joseph B. Tamney, 36: 404-05.

Fehler, Timothy G.

Documents on the Continental Reformation, by William G. Naphy, 40: 684-85.

Lay Confraternities and Civic Religion in Renaissance Bologna, by Nicholas Terpstra, 39: 587-88.

Red Jews, The: Antisemitism in an Apocalyptic Age, 1200-1600, by Andrew Colin Gow, 39: 149-50.

Reformation Europe (New Approaches to European History Series), by Ulinka Rublack, 48: 464-65.

Feldman, Louis H.

Jewish Responses to Early Christians: History and Polemics, 30-150 C.E., by Claudia J. Setzer, 38: 908.

Felice, Lawrence G.

Between Two Absolutes: Public Opinion and the Politics of Abortion, by Elizabeth Adell Cook, Ted G. Jelen, and Clyde Wilcox, 37: 185.

Christian and Social Concern, The, by Clif­ford V. Anderson, 18: 132-34.

Christian Soctal Conscience, The, by Rodger Charles, 18: 132-34.

Christian Revolutionary, The, by Dale W. Brown, 19: 361-62.

Faces of Jesus: Latin American Christologies, by Jose Miguez­ Bonino, 28: 533-34.

Forbidden Fruit: The Ethics of Humanism, by Paul Kurtz, 31: 153-54.

In Gods We Trust: New Patterns of Religious Pluralism in America, edited by Thomas Robbins and Dick Anthony, 34: 158-59.

Perchings: Reflections on Society and Minis­try, by Richard H. Luecke, 18: 132-34.

Theology of Peacemaking, A: A Vision, A Road, A Task, by Mary Elsbernd, 32: 894.

Who Do You Say?: Jesus Christ in Latin American Theology, by Claus Bussmann, 28: 533-34.

Fellman, David

Roger Baldwin: Founder of the American Civil Liberties Union, by Peggy Lamson, 21: 145-46.

Ferdon, Douglas

Ethic of News, An, by Wesley G. Pippert, 32: 654-55.

Prodigal Press: The Anti-Christian Bias of the American News Media, by Marvin Olasky, 31: 141-42.

Ferre, Gustave A.

Responsible Freedom, by L. Harold De­Wolf, 15: 473-75.

Ferreiro, Alberto

Caesarius of Arles, The Making of a Christian Community in Late Antique Gaul, by William E. Klingshirn, 38: 192.

Fielder, L. Gerald

Asian Values and Human Rights: A Communitarian Perspective, by Wm. Theodore de Gary, 41: 601.

Catholic Politics in China and Korea, by Eric O. Hanson, 25: 373-74.

Christians Organizing for Political Service: A Study Guide Based on the Work of the Association for Public Justice, by James W. Skillen, 24: 173.

Church in China, The: How It Survives and Prospers Under Communism, by Carl Lawrence, 28: 551-52.

Churches in Contestation: Asian Christian Social Protest, by Parig Digan, 28: 334-35.

East Meets West: The Jesuits in China, edited by Charles E. Ronan, S.J. and Bonnie B.C. Oh, 31: 561.

Tao of Jesus, The: An Experiment in Inter-Traditional Understanding, by Joseph A. Loya, Wan-Li Ho, and Chang-Shin Jih, 42: 201-02.

Finke, Roger

Undermined Establishment: Church-State Relations in America, 1880-1920, by Robert T. Handy, 35: 157-58.

Finlayson, Michael G.

Central Government and the Localties: Hampshire 1649-1689, by Andrew N. Coleby, 31: 143-44.

Religion and Society in Early Modern England: A Sourcebook, edited by David Cressy and Lori Anne Ferrell, 39: 588-89.

Finn, James

Public Money and Parochial Education: Bishop Hughes, Governor Seward, and the New York School Controversy, by Vincent P. Lannie, 12: 138-39.

Finn, Tomas M.

Rome and the African Church in the Time of Augustin, by J. E. Merdinger, 40: 679-80.

Fish, Peter G.

The Supreme Court and Religion, by Rich­ard E. Morgan, 20: 321-23.

Fisher, Eugene J.

Walking Together: Roman Catholics and Ecumenism Twenty-five Years After Vatican II, edited by Thaddeus D. Horgan, 33: 814-15.

Fishman, Joel

Godly Man in Stuart England, The: Anglicans, Puritans, and the Two Tables, 1620­-1670, by J. Sears McGee, 21: 121-23.

Revolution Principles: The Politics of Party, 1689-1720, by J. P. Kenyon, 21: 568-69.

Fix, Andrew

Defining the Jacobean Church: The Politics of Religious Controversy 1603-1625, by Charles A. Prior, 48: 889-90.

Flanagan, James W.

Power, Providence and Personality, by Walter Brueggemann, 33: 626-27.

Flanders, H. J., Jr.

Jesus, Politics, and Society: A Study of Luke’s Gospel, by Richard Cassidy, 23: 140-42.

Liberation Theology: Liberation in the Light of the Fourth Gospel, by Frederick Her­zog, 2: 565-67.

Politics of Jesus, The: Vicit Agnus Noster, by John Howard Yoder, 18: 115-17.

Fleet, Michael

Expanding the View: Gustavo Gutierrez and the Future of Liberation Theology, edited by Marc Ellis and Otto Maduro, 34: 380-81.

Progressive Church in Latin America, The, edited by Scott Mainwaring and Alexander Wilde, 32: 872-73.

Fleming, Bond

Imputed Rights, An Essay in Christian Social Theory, by Robert V. Anderson, 4: 507-08.

Fleming, Peter, S.J.

Christianity and Chinese Religions, by Hans Küng and Julia Ching, 32: 646-47.

Probing China’s Soul: Religion, Politics, and Protest in the People’s Republic, by Julia Ching, 33: 805-06.

Religion under Socialism in China, edited by Leo Zhufeng, 35: 161-62.

Fletcher, William C.

Eastern Politics of the Vatican, 1917-1979, by Hansjakob Stehle, 25: 149-51.

Flint, John T.

Religion and Global Order: Religion and the Political Order, Volume IV, edited by Roland Robertson and William R. Garrett, 34: 610-11.

Flora, Cornelia Butler

Conflict and Competition: The Latin American Church in a Changing Environment, edited by Edward L. Cleary and Hannah Stewart-Gambino, 35: 891-92.

Crisis and Change: The Church in Latin America Today, by Edward L. Cleary, 30: 375-76.

Martyrdom and the Politics of Religion: Progressive Catholicism in El Salvador’s Civil War, by Anna L. Peterson, 40: 696-97.

Mission Between the Times: Essays on the Kingdom, by C. Rene Padilla, 30: 376-77.

Flowers, Ronald B.

Against the Gates of Hell: The Threat to Religious Freedom in America, by Stanley R. Rader, 23: 362-63.

American Church Experience, The: A Concise History, by Thomas A. Askew and Richard V. Pierard, 48: 222-23.

Bible and Popular Culture in America, The, edited by Allene Stuart Phy, 28: 340-41.

Bible Believers: Fundamentalists in the Modern World, by Nancy Tatom Ammerman, 30: 613.

Commitment on Campus: Changes in Reli­gion and Values over Five Decades, by Dean

R. Hoge, 18:136-38.

Compulsory Education and the Amish: The Right Not to Be Modern, edited by Albert N. Keim, 20: 570-71.

Faces of God, The: Reflections on Church and Society, by Adrian Hastings, 21: 579-80.

Family, Freedom, and Faith: Building Community Today, by Paula M. Cooey, 39: 610-11.

God and Ronald Reagan: A Spiritual Life, by Paul Kengor, 47: 180-81.

Hand of Providence: The Strong and Quiet Faith of Ronald Reagan, by Mary Beth Brown, 47: 180-81.

Holy Terror: The Fundamentalist War on America’s Freedoms in Religion, Politics, and Our Private Lives, by Flo Conway, 26: 549-50.

Inquisition: The Persecution and Prosecution of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, by Carlton Sherwood, 35: 164-65.

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: A Journey into the Evangelical Subculture, by Randall Balmer, 32: 426.

Positive Neutrality: Letting Religious Freedom Ring, by Stephen V. Monsma, 37: 652-53.

Private Churches and Public Money: Church ­Government Fiscal Relations, by Dennis A. Gilbert and Paul J. Weber, 23: 591-92.

Religion and Public Education, by Law­rence Byrnes, 19: 367.

Religious Freedom, by Leo Pfeffer, 20: 319­-21.

Religious Freedom on Trial, by O. Carroll Arnold, 22: 158-59.

Religious Liberty in America: History and Prospects, by Glenn T. Miller, 19: 572-73.

Religious Schooling in America, edited by James C. Carper and Thomas C. Hunt, 27: 537-38.

Yoder Case, The: Religious Freedom, Education, and Parental Rights, by Shawn Francis Peters, 46: 158-59.

Flynn, Carl F.

God in the Movies, by Albert J. Bergesen and Andrew M. Greeley, 43: 625-26.

Flynn, George Q.

Catholics and Radicals: The Association of Catholic Trade Unionists and the American Labor Movement, From Depression to Cold War, by Douglas P. Seaton, 24: 146-48.

Catholics and the Welfare State, by Peter Coman, 21: 550-52.

Foote, David

The English in Rome, 1362-1420: Portrait of an Expatriate Community, by Margaret Harvey, 49: 569-70.

Forman, Charles L.

British Baptist Missionaries in India, 1793­-1837: The History of Serampore and its Mis­sions, by E. Daniel Potts, 10: 119-21.

Forman, Charles W.

Birth of Missions in America, The, by Charles L. Chaney, 19: 335-38.

Christian and the Nations, The, by Andre Donner, 11: 342-44.

Christianity in World Perspective, by Ken­neth Cragg, 11: 513-15.

Church in the World, The, edited by Charles P. O’Donnell, 11: 142-44.

Missionaries, Chinese, and Diplomats: America Protestant Missionary Movement in China, 1890-1952, by Paul A. Varg, 2: 165-66.

Formicola, Jo Renee

Boundaries Dimly Perceived, by Christopher Mooney, S.J., 33: 802-03.

Forsythe, David P.

Political Theory of Rights, A, by Attracta Ingram, 38: 184.

Refugees and International Relations, edited by Gil Loescher and Laila Monahan, 32: 433-34.

Foster, Gaines M.

Freedom’s Coming: Religious Culture and the Shaping of the South from the Civil War through the Civil Rights Era, by Paul Harvey, 47: 635-36.

Religion and the Rise of Jim Crow in New Orleans, by James B. Bennett, 48: 473-74.

Foster, Ruth Ann

Sarah Laughed: Women’s Voices in the Old Testament, by Trevor Dennis, 38: 419.

Fout, John C.

Kampfer wtder Willen: Erinnerunge Landesbischofs von Sachsen D. Hugo, aus dem Kirchenkampf 1933-1945, compiled and edited by Georg Prater, 16: 324-27.

Political Education of Arnold B, An Autobiography, 1884-1970, The, by Al Brecht, 17: 318-20.

Fowler, Heather

Catholicism, Social Control, and Moderization in Latin America, by Ivan Vallier, 13: 148-50.

Fowler, Robert Booth

Church and State in America: A Bibliographical Guide: The Colonial and Early National Periods, by John F. Wilson, 29: 554-55.

Equal Separation: Understanding the Religion Clauses of the First Amendment, edited by Paul J. Weber, 33: 601-02.

Foreordained Failure: The Quest for a Constitutional Principle of Religious Freedom, by Steven D. Smith, 38: 436-37.

Franke, Chris A.

Gender, Power, and Promise: The Subject of the Bibles’s First Story, by Danna Nolan Fewell and David M. Gunn, 37: 174.

Frankle, Robert J.

Elizabeth’s London: Everyday Life in Elizabethan London, by Liza Picard, 48: 220-21.

Godly Clergy in Early Stuart England: The Caroline Puritan Movement, c. 620-1643, by Tom Webster, 40: 903-04.

Frankum, Ronald

America’s Miracle Man in Vietnam: Ngo Dinh Diem, Religion, Race, and U.S. Intervention in Southeast Asia, by Seth Jacobs, 47: 637-39.

Freie, John F.

God in Public: Four Ways American Christianity and Public Life Relate, by Mark G. Toulouse, 49: 580-81.

Friday, A. Sue

Quakers and Baptists in Colonial Massachusetts, by Carla Gardina Pestana, 35: 412-13.

Friedlander, Judith

East European Jews in Two Worlds: Studies from the Yivo Annual, edited by Deborah Dash Moore, 34: 154-55.

Friedman, Francine

Religion and Justice in the War over Bosnia, edited by G. Scott Davis, 40: 685-87.

Friedman, Harold A.

Where Judaism Differed: An Inquiry into the Distinctiveness of Judaism, by Hillel Silver, 17: 153-54.

Friedman, Maurice

Approaches to Auschwitz: The Holocaust and Its Legacy, by Richard L. Rubenstein and John K. Roth, 31: 133-35.

Friedrichs, Christopher R.

The Myth of Ritual Murder: Jews and Magic in Reformation Germany, by R. Po-chia Hsia, 32: 428-29.

Friesen, Duane K.

Nuclear Arms: Two Views on World Peace, by Myron S. Augsburger, 30: 347-48.

Frohock, Fred M.

Abortion: The Supreme Court Decisions, edited by Ian Shapiro, 39: 375-76.

Abortion Decisions of the Supreme Court, 1973 through 1989: A Comprehensive Review with Historical Commentary, by Dan Drucker, 33: 607-08.

Frucht, Richard

Religion and the War in Bosnia, edited by Paul Mojzes, 42: 180-81.

Frykenberg, Robert Eric

History of Christianity in India, Volume 2: 1707-1858, A, by Stephen Neill, 29: 141-43.

Ram Mohan Roy: Social, Political, and Religious Reform in Nineteenth Century India, by S. Cromwell Crawford, 30: 591-92.

Religion and State in Iran, 1785-1906: Role of the Ulama in the Qajar Period, by Hamid Algar, 18: 330-31.

Fulbright, Linda Anne

Taxation and the Free Exercise of Rei Papers and Proceedings of the Sixteenth Religious Liberty Conference, Washington, D. C., October 3-5, 1977, edited by W. Baker, 21: 327-28.

Fulop, Timothy E.

Perfect Law of Liberty, The: Elias Smith and the Providential History of America, by Michael G. Kenny, 37: 889.

Soul Liberty: The Baptists’ Struggle in New England, 1630-1833, by William G. McLoughlin, 35: 168-69.

Fuqua, Jonathan

Thomas Jefferson and the Wall of Separation Between Church and State, by Daniel L. Dreisbach, 47: 400.

Furlong, Patrick J.

The Protestant Experience in Gary, Indiana, 1906-1975: At Home in the City, by James W. Lewis, 35: 635-36.

Gaffney, Edward McGlynn, Jr.

Ministry and the American Legal System: A Guide for Clergy, Lay Workers, and Congregations, by Richard B. Couser, 36: 395-96.

Gallagher, Eugene V.

Church Universal and Triumphant, The: Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s Apocalyptic Movement, by Bradley Whitsel, 46: 418-19.

Gallagher, Nancy E.

Political Islam: Religion and Politics in the Arab World, by Nazih N. Ayubi, 34: 619-20.

Gallagher, Thomas E.

Amish Society, by John A. Hostetler, 36: 398-99.

Gambino-Stewart, Hannah

Conquistador Without a Sword: The Life of Roque Gonzalez, by Clement J. McNaspy, S.J., 29: 352­-53.

Gan, Barry L.

Humanism and the Rhetoric of Toleration, by Gary Remer, 39: 797-98.

Gantt, Fred, Jr.

Freedom and the Public: Public and Private Morality in America, by Donald Meiklejohn, 8: 469-71.

Garay, Alain

Notre Laïcité publique (Our Public Laïcité), by Emile Poulat, 46: 400-02.

Garcia, Homer D.C.

Relentless Persistence: Nonviolent Action in Latin America, by Philip McManus and Gerald Schlabach, Jr., 34: 381-82.

Gardner, H. Stephen

Religious Thought and Economic Society: Four Chapters of an Unfinished Work by Jacob Viner, edited by Jacques Melit and Donald Winch, 23: 142-44.

Garrard-Burnett, Virginia

Piety, Power, and Politics: Religion and Nation Formation in Guatemala, 1821-1871, by Douglass Sullivan-González, 41: 388-89.

Garrett, Clarke

Popular Politics and the American Revolution in England, by James E. Bradley, 30: 366-67.

Garrett, James Leo, Jr.

Baptist Piety: The Last Will and Testament of Obadiah Holmes, by Edwin S. Gaustad, 21: 354.

Church-State Relations: An Annotated Bibliography, compiled by Albert J. Menendez, 22: 548-49.

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