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AIDS and the Church, the Second Decade, 35: 174-76.

Shenk, David W.

Global Gods: Exploring the Role of Religions in Modern Society, 39: 348-49.

Shepard, Loraine MacKenzie

Feminist Theologies for a Postmodern Church: Diversity, Community, and Scripture, 45: 192-93.

Shepherd, George W., Jr., Ved P. Nanda, and James R. Scarritt, eds.

Global Human Rights: Public Policies, Comparative Measures, and NGO Strate­gies, 24: 389-90.

Sher, Richard B.

Church and University in the Scottish Enlightenment: The Moderate Literati of Edinburgh, 28: 130-32.

Sherlock, Richard

Preserving Life: Public Policy and the Life Not Worth Living, 30: 598-99.

Sherman, John W.

The Mexican Right: The End of Revolutionary Reform, 1929-1940, 41: 146-47.

Sherman, Robert R.

Democracy, Stoicism, and Education: An Essay in the History of Freedom and Reason, 21: 586-87.

Sherrill, Rowland A., ed.

Religion and the Life of the Nation: American Recoveries, 33: 357-59.

Sherwin, Rabbi Byron L.

Jewish Ethics for the Twenty-first Century: Living in the Image of God, 46: 139-40.

Sherwood, Carlton

Inquisition: The Persecution and Prosecution of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, 35: 164-65.

Shibley, Mark A.

Resurgent Evangelicalism in the United States: Mapping Cultural Change since 1970, 40: 207-09.

Shinn, Larry D.

The Dark Lord: Cult Images and the Hare Krishnas in America, 30: 610.

Shinn, Roger L., and Paul Abrecht, eds.

Faith and Science in an Unjust World. Report of the World Council of Churches Conference on Faith, Science and the Future, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA, 12-24 July 1979. Vol. 1: Plenary Presentations. Vol. 2: Reports and Recommendations, 23: 339-40.

Shipps, Jan

Mormonism: The Story of a New Religious Tradition, 29: 148.

Shipps, Jan and Mark Silk, eds.

Religion and Public Life in the Mountain West: Sacred Landscapes in Transition, 49: 377-78.

Shockley, Donald G.

Free White and Christian, 19: 602.

Shorts, Margaret I.

Law and Religion in Marxist Cuba: A Human Right Inquiry, 36: 602-03.

Shriver, George

Philip Schaff: Christian Scholar and Ecumenical Scholar, 30: 363-64.

Shuffelton, Frank

Thomas Hooker: 1586-1647, 20: 584-85.

Shupe, Anson

The Darker Side of Virtue: Corruption, Scandal, and the Mormon Empire, 34: 162-64.

Shupe, Anson, and Jeffrey K. Hadden

Televangelism: Power and Politics on God’s Frontier, 31: 579.

Shupe, Anson D., Jr., and David G. Bromley

New Vigilantes, The: Deprogrammers, Anti-Cultists, and the New Religions, 24: 142-43.

Strange Gods: The Great American Cult Scare, 24: 410-11.

Shupe, Anson D., Jr., and William A. Stacey

Born Again Politics and the Moral Majority: What Social Surveys Really Show, 25: 545-48.

Shurden, Walter B., and Randy Shepley, eds. and comps.

Going for the Jugular: A Documentary History of the SBC Holy War, 39: 824-26.

Sibley, Mulford Q.

The Obligation to Disobey: Conscience and the Law, 16: 548-49.

Sicker, Martin

Judaism, Nationalism, and the Land of Israel, 36: 615-16.

Sider, Ronald J.

Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger: Biblical Studies, 20: 595-96.

Sider, Ronald J., ed.

The Chicago Declaration, 18: 371.

Sider, Ronald J., and Diane Knippers

Toward an Evangelical Public Policy: Political Strategies for the Health of the Nation, 47: 890-91.

Sider, Ronald J., and Richard K. Taylor

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