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Conflict and Change in the Catholic Church, 32: 155.

Seidler, Murray B.

Norman Thomas, Respectable Rebel, 10: 282-­84.

Seifert, Harvey

Conquest by Suffering: The Process and Prospects of Nonviolent Resistance, 10: 140­-42.

Ethical Resources for Political and Economic Decision, 17: 550-51.

Good News for Rich and Poor: Christian Approaches to a New Economic Order, 21: 582-83.

New Power for the Church, 21: 581-82.

Seifert, Harvey, and John C. Bennett

U.S. Foreign Policy and Christian Ethics, 20: 596-97.

Seim, Turid Karlsen

The Double Message: Patterns of Gender in Luke and Acts, 38: 668-69.

Seiple, Robert A., and Dennis R. Hoover, eds.

Religion & Security: The New Nexus in International Relations, 47: 870-72.

Seliger, M.

The Liberal Politics of John Locke, 15: 132­-34.

Sellers, James

Public Ethics: American Morals and Manners, 12: 326-27.

South and Christian Ethics, The, 5: 121-22.

Sells, Jeffrey E., ed.

God and Country: Politics in Utah, 49: 158-59.

Selzer, Michael, ed.

Zionism Reconsidered: The Rejection of Jew­ish Normalcy, 12: 541.

Selznick, Gertrude J., and Stephen Steinberg

The Tenacity of Prejudice: Anti-Semitism in Contemporary America, 19: 351-53.

Semett, Milton C.

Abolition’s Axe: Beriah Green, Oneida Institute, and the Black Freedom Struggle, 29: 563-64.

Semonche, John E.

Religion and Constitutional Government in the United States, 29: 559-60.

Sendon, Victoria, and Cristina Alberdi

Aborto, 25: 350-51.

Serbin, Kenneth P.

Secret Dialogues: Church-State Relations, Torture, and Social Justice in Authoritarian Brazil, 43: 614-15.

Sereny, Gitta

Into That Darkness: From Mercy Killing to Mass Murder, 19: 111-13.

Setzer, Claudia J.

Jewish Responses to Early Christians: History and Polemics, 30-150 C.E., 38: 908.

Shahin, Emad Eldin

Political Ascent: Contemporary Islamic Movements in North Africa, 40: 178-79.

Shain, Barry Alan

Myth of American Individualism, The: The Protestant Origins of American Political Thought, 37: 906.

Shannon, Thomas A.

Render unto God: A Theology of Selective Obedience, 22: 149-52.

Shannon, Thomas M., ed.

War or Peace? The Search for New Answers, 26: 336-37.

Shannon, William H.

The Lively Debate: Response to Humanae Vitae, 13: 529-30.

Shapiro, Ian, ed.

Abortion: The Supreme Court Decisions, 39: 375-76.

Shapiro, Martin

Freedom of Speech: The Supreme Court ana Judicial Review, 8: 467-69.

Sharf, Andrew

Byzantine Jewry from Justinian to the Fourth Crusade, 18: 139.

Sharp, Gene

Exploring Nonviolent Alternatives, 19: 590­-91.

Sharper, Philip, ed.

American Catholics: A Protestant-Jewish View, 3: 213-15.

Shaw, Russell, and C. Albert Koob

S.O.S. for Catholic Schools: A Strategy 101 Future Service to Church and Nation, 18: 571-73.

Sheehy, Michael

Is Ireland Dying? Culture and the Church in Modern Ireland, 12: 318-20.

Sheffer, Martin S.

God versus Caesar: Belief, Worship, and Proselytizing under the First Amendment, 42: 386-87.

Sheldon, Garrett Ward

Religion and Politics: Major Thinkers on the Relation of Church and State, 35: 158-59.

Shelp, Earl E. and Ronald H. Sunderland

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