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Records and Documents of the Holy See Relating to the Second World War. Volume I: The Holy See and the War in Europe, March 1939-August 1940, 11: 557-58.

Scholder, Klaus

Churches and the Third Reich, The, Vol. I., 31: 317-18.

Year of Disillusionment, The: 1934 Barmen and Rome, 32: 629-30.

Schotten, Peter, and Dennis Stevens

Religion, Politics, and the Law: Commentaries and Controversies, 40: 705-06.

Schroeder, Oliver, and David T. Smith

De Facto Segregation and Civil Rights, 8: 487-88.

Schubert, Frank D.

A Sociological Study of Secularization Trends in the American Catholic University: Decatholicizing the Catholic Religious Curriculum, 33: 143-44.

Schuller, David S.

Power Structures and the Church, 12: 342-43.

Schulman, Elias

A History of Jewish Education in the Soviet Union, 16: 147.

Schultze, Quentin J.

Christianity and the Mass Media in America: Towards a Democratic Accommodation, 47: 885-86.

Schwabe, Klaus

Wissenschaft und Knegsmoral, 13: 162-63.

Schwartz, Bernard

Law in America, The, 18: 344-46.

Rights of the Person, 2 vols. Vol. 1: Sanc­tity, Privacy and Expression; Vol. 2: Equal­ity, Belief and Dignity, 12: 160-61.

Schwartz, Harold, and Angela Santamaria, eds.

Should Religious Values Influence Politics? A Series of Public Discussions Sponsored by the Montana Forum on Church and State under a Grant from the Montana Committee for the Humanities, 21: 359-60.

Schwartz, Hillel

The French Prophets: The History of a Mil­lenarian Group in Eighteenth-Century Eng­land, 23: 351-52.

Schwartz, Seth

Josephus and Judean Politics, 33: 624-25.

Schwedler, Jillian

Faith in Moderation: Islamist Parties in Jordan and Yemen, 49: 353-54.

Schweiker, William

Responsibility and Christian Ethics, 39: 798-99.

Schweiker William, Michael A. Johnson, and Kevin Jung, eds.

Humanity before God: Contemporary Faces of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Ethics, 49: 354-55.

Scott, Donald M.

From Office to Profession: The New Eng­land Ministry, 1750-1850, 22: 535-37.

Scott, Jamie S.

Christians and Tyrants: The Prison Testimonies of Boethios, Thomas More and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 39: 169.

Scott, Manuel L.

From a Black Brother, 14: 156-57.

Scribner, Bob, and Gerhard Benecke, eds.

The German Peasant War of 1525: New Viewpoints, 23: 156-58.

Scribner, Bob, and Trevor Johnson, eds.

Popular Religion in Germany and Central Europe, 1400-1800, 40: 482.

Scribner, Bob, Roy Porter, and Mikulas Teich, eds.

The Reformation in National Context, 39: 153-54.

Seager, Richard Hughes

Buddhism in America, 44: 157-59.

Seaman, Ann Rowe

Swaggart: The Unauthorized Biography of an American Evangelist, 42: 597-98.

Sears, James T., with James C. Carper, ed.

Curriculum, Religion, and Public Education: Conversations for an Enlarging Public Square, 42: 870-72.

Seaton, Douglas P.

Catholics and Radicals: The Association of Catholic Trade Unionists and the American Labor Movement, From Depression to Cold War, 24: 146-48.

Seaver, Paul S.

The Puritan Lectureships: The Politics of Religious Dissent, 1500-1662, 13: 155-56.

Segars, Mary C.

Church Polity and American Politics: Issues in Contemporary Catholicism, 33: 811-12.

Seidler, John, and Katherine Meyer

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