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Consul of God: The Life and Times of Gre­gory the Great, 23: 149-50.

Popes and the Papacy in the Early Mid­dle Ages, 476-752, The, 22: 523-25.

Richardson, Alan

The Political Christ, 18: 117-20.

Richardson, James T., ed.

Regulating Religion: Case Studies from Around the Globe, 48: 680-81.

Richardson, William J., ed.

China and Christian Responsibility, 11 : 165­-66.

China Today, 11: 165-66.

Richesin, L. Dale, and Brian Mahan

The Challenge of Liberation Theology: A First World Response, 25: 345-47.

Riemer, Neal, ed.

Let Justice Roll: Prophetic Challenges in Religion, Politics, and Society, 40: 192-93.

Riga, Peter J.

The Church and Revolution, 19: 587-88.

Riksdag (Parliament) Committee

Kyrhan Kostar (Church Financing): A 1968 Analysis of Church and State in Sweden, 14: 526-28.

Riley-Smith, Jonathan

The Crusades: A Short History, 31: 150-51.

Ringenburg, William C.

The Christian College: A History of Protestant Higher Education in America, 2nd ed., 49: 790-92.

Ringer, Benjamin B.

The Edge of Friendliness: A Study of Jewish-Gentile Relations, 10: 155-56.

Ringer, Beniamin B., Charles Y. Glock, and Earl R. Babbie

To Comfort and to Challenge: A Dilemma of the Contemporary Church, 10: 157-58.

Riskin, Shlomo

Women and Jewish Divorce: The Rebellious Wife, the Agunah and the Right of Women to Initiate Divorce in Jewish Law—A Halakhic Solution, 34: 153-54.

Rittenhouse, Stan

For Fear of the Jews, 26: 359-60.

Rivera, Luis N.

A Violent Evangelism: The Politics and Religious Conquest of the Americas, 36: 177-78.

Rives, J. B.

Religion and Authority in Roman Carthage from Augustus to Constantine, 39: 147-48.

Robbins, Ray Frank

The Revelation of Jesus Christ: A Commen­tary on the Book of Revelation, 21: 140-41.

Robbins, Thomas and Dick Anthony, eds.

In Gods We Trust: New Patterns of Religious Pluralism in America, 34: 158-59.

Robbins, Thomas and Susan J. Palmer, eds.

Millenniums, Messiahs, and Mayhem: Contemporary Apocalyptic Movements, 42: 395-97.

Roberts, Edward C., et al.

Freedom from Federal Establishment: For­mation and Early History of the First Amendment Religion Clauses, 8: 461-63.

Roberts, J. Deotis

A Black Political Theology, 48: 457-58.

Robertson, David M.

A Passionate Pilgrim: A Biography of Bishop James A. Pike, 47: 406-07.

Robertson, D. B.

Should Churches Be Taxed?, 12: 500-01.

Robertson, Roland, and William R. Garrett, eds.

Religion and Global Order: Religion and the Political Order, Volume IV, 34: 610-11.

Robertson, T. A., and Orlan Lee

“Moral Order” and the Criminal Law: Reform Efforts in the United States and West Germany, 17: 329-31.

Robinson, N. H. G.

The Groundwork of Christian Ethics, 16: 521-23.

Roche, Jean

Eglise et Liberte Religieuse, 12: 149-50.

Roche, John P.

The Quest for the Dream, 7: 125-27.

Roche, O. I. A.

The Days of the Upright: A History of the Huguenots, 8: 480-81.

Rodes, Robert E., Jr.

Ecclesiastical Administration in Medieval England: The Anglo-Saxons to the Reforma­tion, 20: 353.

Law and Moderization in the Church of England: Charles II to the Welfare State, 35: 177-78.

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