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New Patterns of Church Growth in Brazil, 9: 409-11.

Read, W. R., V.M. Monterroso, and H. A. John­son

Latin American Church Growth, 12: 334-36.

Reardon, Bernard

Liberalism and Tradition: Aspects of Cath­olic Thought in Nineteenth-Century France, 21: 584-85.

Rebenich, Stefan

Jerome, 46: 656-57.

Redekop, Benjamin W., and Calvin W. Redekop

Power, Authority, and How Each Group Constructs Symbolic Meaning through Structures and Behaviors: Anabaptist Tradition, 45: 605-07.

Redekop, Calvin Wall

The Old Colony Mennonites: Dilemmas of Ethnic Life, 12: 156-57.

Redwood, John

Reason, Ridicule and Religion: The Age of Enlightenment in England, 1660-1750, 21: 123-25.

Reeves, Marjorie, ed.

Christian Thinking and Social Order: Conviction Politics from the 1930s to the Present Day, 42: 184-85.

Regan, Richard J.

Conflict and Consensus: Religious Freedom and the Second Vatican Council, 10: 462-65.

Just War: Principles and Causes, 40: 694-95.

Regen, Geoffrey

First Crusader: Byzantine’s Holy Wars, 46: 140-41.

Reichley, A. James

Religion in American Public Life, 28: 322-24.

Reichley, James A.

Faith in Politics, 46: 412-13.

Reid, Charles J., Jr.

Peace in a Nuclear Age: The Bishops’ Pastoral Letter in Perspective, 30: 166-­67

Reid, David

New Wine: The Cultural Shaping of Japanese Christianity, 34: 863-64.

Reimers, David M.

White Protestantism and the Negro, 8: 120­-22.

Reimers, David M., and Leonard Dinnerstein

Ethnic Americans: A History of Immigra­tion and Assimilation, 20: 588-89.

Reinert, Paul C.

The Urban Catholic University, 18: 571-73.

Reist, Benjamin

Toward a Theology of Involvement: The Thought of Ernst Troeltsch, 10: 474-76.

Remer, Gary

Humanism and the Rhetoric of Toleration, 39: 797-98.

Renna, Thomas J.

Church and State in Medieval Europe, 1050­-1314, 20: 353-54.

Renou, Louis

Religions of Ancient India, 18: 138-39.

Reumann, John, Raymond E. Brown, and Karl P. Donfried, eds.

Peter in the New Testament, 17: 113-14.

Reuther, Rosemary Radford, and Herman J. Reuther

The Wrath of Jonah: The Crisis of Religious Nationalism in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict, 33: 610-11.

Reuss, Carl F., ed.

Conscience and Action: Social Statements of the American Lutheran Church, 1961-1970, 19: 597-98.

Reuter, Frank T.

Catholic Influence on American Colonial Pol­icies, 1898-1904, 10: 321.

Rey, Jesus, and Francisca Sauquillo

Ley del Divorcio, 25: 350-51.

Rhoden, Nancy L.

The Colonial Church of England during the American Revolution, 42: 389-90.

Rian, Edwin H., ed.

Christianity and the World Revolution, 6: 227-28.

Ricci, Gabriel R., ed.

Faith in Science: Religion & Public Life, 47: 869-70.

Rice, Charles E.

Freedom of Association, 7: 111-13.

Supreme Court and Public Prayer, The: The Need for Restraint, 8: 114-16.

Rice, Gene

Nations Under God: A Commentary on the Book of I Kings, 34: 609.

Rice, Sister Elizabeth Ann

The Diplomatic Relations between the Unit­ed States and Mexico, as Affected by the Struggle for Religious Liberty in Mexico, 1925-29, 2: 188-90.

Richard, Carl J.

The Founders and the Classics: Greece, Rome and the American Enlightenment, 38: 434-35.

Richards, Jeffrey

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