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Politics: A Case for Christian Action, 17: 545.

Twilight of the Saints: Biblical Christianity and Civil Religion in America, 22: 130-32.

Pierard, Richard V., Robert G. Clouse, and Robert D. Linder, eds.

Cross and the Flag, The, 17: 333-35.

Protest and Politics: Christianity and Con­temporary Affairs, 12: 158-59.

Pike, Frederick B.

Hispanismo 1898-1936: Spanish Conserva­tives and Liberals and Their Relations With Spanish America, 14: 532-36.

Politics of the Miraculous in Peru: Haya de la Torre and the Spiritualist Tradition, 30: 159-60.

Pike, Frederick B., ed.

The Conflict Between Church and State in Latin America, 6: 235-37.

Pike, Frederick B., and William V. D’Antonio, eds.

Religion, Revolution, and Reform: New Forces for Change in Latin America, 8: 274-­77.

Pike, James A.

Beyond the Law, 7: 110-11.

Roman Catholic in the White House, A, 2: 179-82.

Pike, Sarah M.

New Age and Neo-Pagan Religions in America, 49: 374-75.

Pilcher, George William

Samuel Davies: Apostle of Dissent in Colo­nial Virginia, 14: 144-46.

Pin, Emile, and Francois Houtart

The Church and the Latin American Revo­lution, 9: 134-35.

Pinello, Daniel R.

America’s Struggle for Same-Sex Marriage, 49: 366-68.

Pinson, Mark, ed.

The Muslims of Bosnia-Herzegovina: Their Historic Development from the Middle Ages to the Dissolution of Yugoslavia, 39: 345-46.

Pinson, William M., Jr.

Applying the Gospel: Suggestions for Chris­tian Social Action in a Local Church, 21: 360-61.

Pinson, William M., Jr., ed.

An Approach to Christian Ethics: The Life, Contribution, and Thought of T. B. Maston, 23: 588-89.

Piper, John F., Jr.

Robert E. Speer: Prophet of the American Church, 45: 831-32.

Pipkin, H. Wayne, comp.

A Zwingli Bibliography, 15: 475-76.

Pipkin, H. Wayne and John Howard Yoder, eds. and trans.

Balthasar Hubmaier: Theologian of Anabaptism, 32: 420-21.

Pippert, Wesley G.

Ethic of News, An, 32: 654-55.

Memo for 1976: Some Political Opinions, 17: 34-50.

Piscatori, James, ed.

Islamic Fundamentalisms and the Gulf Crisis, 36: 171-72.

Pitzer, Donald E., ed.

America’s Communal Utopias, 40: 492-93.

Pixley, George V.

God’s Kingdom: A Guide for Biblical Study, 26: 538-40.

Plant, Raymond

Politics, Theology, and History, 43: 804-05.

Plokhy, Serhii

The Cossacks and Religion in Early Modern Ukraine, 44: 828-29.

Plokhy, Serhii, and Frank Sysyn

Religion and Nation in Modern Ukraine, 657-58.

Pobee, J. S., ed.

Religion in a Pluralistic Society: Essays Pre­sented to Professor C. G. Balta in Celebra­tion of HIS Retirement from the Service of the University of Ghana September 1911 by Friends and Colleagues Scattered over the Globe, 21: 138-40.

Pointer, Richard W.

Protestant Pluralism and the New York Experience: A Study of Eighteenth-Century Religious Diversity, 31: 553.

Polanyi, Michael

Society, Economics, and Philosophy: Selected Papers, 40: 693-94.

Poliakov, Leon

The History of Anti-Semitism: From the Time of Christ to the Court Jews, 21: 117-19.

Poling, David, and George Gallup, Jr.

The Search for America’s Faith, 25: 375-76.

Poling, James Newton

The Abuse of Power: A Theological Problem, 35: 429.

Polish, Daniel F., and Eugene J. Fisher, eds.

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