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Judging Jehovah’s Witnesses: Religious Persecution and the Dawn of the Rights Revolution, 44: 166-67.

Yoder Case, The: Religious Freedom, Education, and Parental Rights, 46: 158-59.

Peters, Tierno Rainer

Die Priisenz des Politischen in der Theologie Dietrich Bonhoeffers: Eine historische Unter­suchung in systematischer Abszcht, 21: 576­-77.

Petersen, Rodney L., ed.

Christianity and Civil Society: Theological Education for Public Life, 39: 371.

Peterson, Anna L.

Martydom and the Politics of Religion: Progressive Catholicism in El Salvador’s Civil War, 40: 696-97.

Peterson, Merrill D.

Thomas Jefferson and the New Nation, 13: 538-39.

Peterson, Merrill D., and Robert C. Vaughan

The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom and Its Evolution and Consequences in American History, 31: 543.

Peterson, Walfred H.

Thy Liberty in Law, 22: 158.

Petro, Nicolai N.

Christianity and Russian Culture in Soviet Society, 33: 603-04.

Petulla, Joseph

Christian Political Theology: A Marxian Guide, 16: 536-38.

Peyrot, Giorgio, et al.

La Posizione della chiese evangeliche di fronte allo Stato: Relazioni e documenti dell incon­tro organizatto dal Servizio studi della Fede­razione delle chiese evangeliche in Italia. Agape 19-23 agosto 1969, 19: 129-30.

Pfeffer, Leo

Church, State, and Freedom, 9: 391-92.

Creeds in Competition: A Creative Force in American Culture, 2: 65-67.

God, Caesar, and the Constitution: The Court as Referee of Church-State Confron­tation, 18: 327-30.

Religion, State, and the Burger Court, 27: 335-38.

Religious Freedom, 20: 319-21.

This Honorable Court: A History of the Unit­ed States Supreme Court, 8: 283-84.

Pfeffer, Leo, and Anson Phelps Stokes

Church and State in the United States, 7: 134-36.

Phelan, John, ed.

Communications Control: Readings in the Motives and Structures of Censorship, 13: 164.

Phelps, Glenn A.

Contemporary Debates on Civil Liberties: Enduring Constitutional Questions, 29: 156-57.

Phillips, Francis R.

Bishop Beck and England Education, 1949-1959, 34: 155-56.

Phillips, Robert L.

War and Justice, 29: 151-52.

Philpott, Dan, ed.

The Politics of Past Evil: Religion, Reconciliation, and the Dilemmas of Transitional Justice, 49: 561-62.

Phipps, William E.

Mark Twain’s Religion, 46: 668-69.

Phiri, Isaac

Proclaiming Political Pluralism: Churches and Political Transitions in Africa, 45: 169-71.

Phy, Allene Stuart, ed.

The Bible and Popular Culture in America, 28: 340-41.

Picard, Liza

Elizabeth’s London: Everyday Life in Elizabethan London, 48: 220-21.

Pickus, Noah

True Faith and Allegiance, 48: 709-10.

Piediscalzi, Nicholas, and William E. Collie, eds.

Teaching about Religion in Public Schools, 22: 147-48.

Piediscalzi, Nicholas, and Robert G. Thobaben, eds.

From Hope to Liberation: Towards a New Marxist-Chnstian Dialogue, 18: 372-73.

Piehl, Mel .

Breaking Bread: The Catholic Worker and the Origin of Catholic Radicalism in America, 26: 118-19.

Pierard, Richard V., ed.

Baptists Together in Christ 1905-2005: A Hundred-Year History of the Baptist World Alliance, 49: 157-58.

Pierard, Richard V., and Robert D. Linder

Civil Religion and the Presidency, 31: 546.

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