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The Maccabees, 17: 151-52.

Peck, Janice

The Gods of Televangelism: The Crisis of Meaning and the Appeal of Religious Television, 36: 605-06.

Peerenboom, R. P.

Law and Morality in Ancient China: The Silk Manuscripts of Huang Lao, 38: 183.

Pekar, Athanasius B., OSMB

The History of the Church in Carpathian Rus’, 37: 181.

Pelczynski, Z. A., ed.

Hegel’s Political Philosophy: Problems and Perspectives, 19: 565-67.

Pelikan, Jaroslav

The Excellent Empire: The Fall of Rome and the Triumph of the Church, 30: 331-32.

Pelling, Nick

Anglo-Irish Relations, 1798-1922, 45: 820-21.

Pemberton, Prentiss L.

Toward a Christian Economic Ethic: Stewardship and Social Power, 29: 567.

Pena, David

La matena religiosa en la politica argentina, 6: 237-39.

Penniman, Howard R.

Israel at the Polls: A Study of the Knesset Elections, 30: 170-71.

Pennington, Donald, and Keith Thomas, eds.

Puritans and Revolutionaries: Essays in Seventeenth Century History Presented to Christopher Hill, 26: 136-­37.

Pentcheva, Bissera V.

Icons and Power: The Mother of God in Byzantium, 49: 361-63.

Penton, M. James

Jehovah’s Witnesses and The Third Reich. Sectarian Politics under Persecution, 47: 626-27.

Jehovah’s Witnesses in Canada: Champions of Freedom of Speech and Worship, 20: 341­-43.

Perkins, Robert L., ed.

International Kieregaard Commentary: The Corsair Affair, 34: 170-71.

Perry, Barbara A.

A “Representative” Supreme Court: The Impact of Race, Religion, and Gender on Appointments, 34: 853-54.

Perry, J. P.

Democracy and Religion: Gladstone and the Liberal Party, 1867-1875, 30: 343-44.

Perry, Marvin, and Frederick M. Schweitzer

Antisemitism: Myth and Hate from Antiquity to the Present, 45: 813-14.

Perry, Michael J.

Constitution in the Courts, The: Law or Politics?, 38: 653-54.

Idea of Human Rights, The: Four Inquiries, 42: 571-72.

Love and Power, 35: 613-14.

Religion in Politics: Constitutional and Moral Perspectives, 40: 198-99.

Toward a Theory of Human Rights: Religion, Law, Courts, 49: 772-73.

We the People: The Fourteenth Amendment and the Supreme Court, 42: 387-89.

Pertiet, Martin

Das Ringen um Wesen und Auf trag der Kirche in der national sozialistichen Zeit, 12: 150-51.

Peruvian Bishops’ Commission for Social Action

Between Honesty and Hope: Documents from and about the Church in Latin America, 15: 482-84.

Peshkin, Alan

God’s Choice: The Total World of a Fundamentalist Christian School, 29: 323-24.

Pestana, Carla Gardina

Quakers and Baptists in Colonial Massachusetts, 35: 412-13.

Peter, Karl A.

The Dynamics of Hutterite Society: An Analytical Approach, 30: 163-64.

Peters, Edward, ed.

First Crusade, The: The Chronicle of Fulcher of Chartres and Other Source Materials, 15: 310-11.

Heresy and Authority in Medieval Europe: Documents in Translation, 23: 344-45.

Peters, F. E., ed.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: The Classical Texts and Their Interpretations, 34: 159-60.

Peters, Joan

From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict Over Palestine, 28: 135-36.

Peters, Rudolph

Islam and Colonialism: The Doctrine of Jihad in Modern History, 23: 565-66.

Peters, Shawn Francis

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