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Toward Peacemaking: Presbyterians in the South and National Security, 1945-1983, 37: 918.

Nwafor, John Chidi

Church and State: The Nigerian Experience, 46: 654-55.

Oakes, Jeannie, Karen Hunter Quartz, Steve Ryan, and Martin Lipton

Becoming Good American Schools: The Struggle for Civic Virtue in Education Reform, 43: 375-76.

Oats, William Nicolle

Question of Survival, A: Quakers in Australia in the Nineteenth Century, 29: 551-52.

O’Brien, Charles H.

Ideas of Religious Toleration at the Time of Joseph II: A Study of the Enlightenment among Catholics in Austria, 16: 335-36.

O’Brien, David J.

American Catholics and Social Reform: The New Deal Years, 11: 329-30; 12: 506-08.

O’Brien, Thomas W.

John Courtney Murray in a Cold War Context, 48: 469-70.

O’Brien, William V.

Justice Reed and the First Amendment: The Religion Clauses, 1: 53-54.

Nuclear Dilemma and the Just War Tradition, The, 30: 147-48.

Nuclear War, Deterrence and Morality, 10: 477-79.

O’Collins, Gerald

The Theology of Secularity, 21: 364-65.

O’Connell, Marvin R.

The Oxford Conspirators: A History of the Oxford Movement, 1833-1845, 12: 316-17.

O’Connor, John, ed.

American Catholic Exodus, 11: 536-37.

O’Connor, June

The Quest for Political and Spiritual Liberation: A Study in the Thought of Sri Aurobindo Ghose, 20: 360-61.

O’Dea, Thomas F.

Alienation, Atheism, and the Religious Crisis, 12: 543.

Catholic Crisis, The, 12: 309-10.

Odegard, Peter H., ed.

Religion and Politics, 2: 178-79.

Odell-Scott, David, ed.

Democracy and Religion: Free Exercise and Diverse Visions, 47: 648-49.

O’Donnell, Charles P., ed.

The Church in the World, 11: 142-44.

O’Donovan, Oliver

Desire of the Nations, The: Rediscovering the Roots of Political Theology, 39: 800-02.

Just War Revisited (Current Issues in Theology), The, 46: 408-09.

O’Donovan, Oliver, and Joan Lockwood O’Donovan

Bonds Of Imperfection: Christian Politics Past and Present, 46: 910-11.

O’Donovan, Oliver, and Joan Lockwood O’Donovan, eds.

From Iranaeus to Grotius: A Sourcebook in Christian Political Thought, 100-1625, 42: 850-51.

Oesterreicher, John M.

The New Encounter Between Christians and Jews, 30: 164-65.

Oesterreicher, John M., ed.

Brothers in Hope, 13: 344-46.

Oestreicher, Paul, ed.

The Christian Marxist Dialogue, 11: 515.

Offutt, William M., Jr.

Of “Good Laws” & “Good Men”: Law and Society in the Delaware Valley, 1680-1710, 39: 602-03.

O’Gara, Margaret

Triumph in Defeat: Infallibility, Vatican I, and the French Minority Bishops, 31: 563.

O’Gorman, Gerald, ed.

Marcus Tillius Ciceroes thre bokes of duties, to Marcus his sonne, turned oute of latine into english by Nicolas Grimalde, 34: 879-80.

O’Hair, Madalyn Murray

Freedom under Siege: The Impact of Organized Religion on Your Liberty and Your Pocketbook, 21: 365-66.

Oladipo, Caleb

The Will to Arise: Theological and Political Themes in African Christianity and the Renewal of Faith and Identity, 49: 566-67.

Olasky, Marvin

American Leadership Tradition, The: The Inevitable Impact of a Leader’s Faith on a Nation’s Destiny, 43: 149-51.

Fighting for Liberty and Virtue: Political and Cultural Wars in Eighteenth-Century America, 39: 366-67.

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