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Piety and Politics: Evangelicals and Fundamentalists Confront the World, 30: 357-58.

Time toward Home: The American Experi­ment as Revelation, 21: 358-59.

Neuhaus, Richard J., ed.

The Structure of Freedom: Correlations, Causes and Cautions, 34: 876-77.

Neuhaus, Richard John, and Peter L. Berger, eds.

Against the World for the World: The Hart­ford Appeal and the Future of American Religion, 22: 354-56.

Neusner, Jacob

American Judaism: Adventure in Modern­ity, 16: 531-33.

Jews and Christians: The Myth of a Common Tradition, 33: 819-20.

Public Side of Learning, The: The Political Consequences of Scholarship in the Context of Judaism, 29: 343-44.

Neuwien, Reginald A., ed.

Catholic Schools in Action: The Notre Dame Study of Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools in the United States, 9: 113-17.

New, David S.

Holy War: The Rise of Militant Christian, Jewish and Islamic Fundamentalism, 45: 815-16.

New, John F. H.

Anglican and Puritan: The Basis of Their Opposition, 1558-1640, 8: 138.

Newell, Norman D.

Creation and Evolution: Myth or Reality, 27: 137-39.

Newman, Mark

Getting Right with God: Southern Baptists and Desegregation, 1945-1995, 45: 387-88.

Newsome, David

The Wilberforces and Henry Manning: The Parting of Friends, 9: 403-05.

Newton, Merlin Owen

Armed with the Constitution: Jehovah’s Witnesses in Alabama and the U.S. Supreme Court, 1939-1946, 37: 919.

Newton, Michael, and Judy Ann Newton

The Ku Klux Klan: An Encyclopedia, 34: 623-24.

Nicgorski, Walter, and Ronald Weber, eds.

An Almost Chosen People: The Moral Aspi­rations of Americans, 21: 132-34.

Nicholls, David

Church and State in Britain Since 1820, 11: 348-49.

Deity and Domination: Images of God and the State in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, 37: 416.

Nichols, James Hastings, and John T. McNeill

Ecumenical Testimony: The Concern for Christian Unity within the Reformed and Presbyterian Churches, 20: 147-48.

Nichols, Peter

The Politics of the Vatican, 11: 547-50.

Nichols, Roy F.

Religion and American Democracy, 3: 73-74.

Niditch, Susan

War in the Hebrew Bible: A Study in the Ethics of Violence, 37: 418.

Niebuhr, H. Richard

Faith on Earth: An Inquiry into the Structure of Human Faith, 32: 648-49.

Theology, History, and Culture: Major Unpublished Writings, 40: 500-01.

Niebuhr, Reinhold

Man’s Nature and His Communities, 8: 305-06.

Structure of Nations and Empires, The, 3: 105-07.

Niebuhr, Reinhold, and Alan Heimert

A Nation So Conceived: Reflections on the History of America from Its Early Visions to Its Present Power, 6: 104-06.

Nielsen, Kai

Ethics Without God, 34: 151-52.

Why Be Moral?, 32: 436-38.

Nielsen, Niels

Revolutions in Eastern Europe: The Religious Roots, 35: 411-12.

Nielsen, Niels C., Jr.

Perspectives in Teaching Religion in Higher Education, 10: 207-17.

Religion of President Carter, The, 20: 571-73.

Solzhenitsen’s Religion, 19: 559-61.

Texas Consultation on Religion and Public Education in Retrospect, 14: 391-95.

Nisbet, Robert A.

Sociology of Emile Durkheim, The, 21: 362.

Twilight of Authority, 19: 557-59.

Nobile, Philip, and William Van Elten Casey, eds.

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