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The State and the Church in a Free Society, 2: 163-65.

Murray, John Courtney

Problem of Religious Freedom, The, 8: 475-77.

We Hold These Truths: Catholic Reflections on the American Proposition, 3: 200-03.

Murray, John Courtney, ed.

Freedom and Man, 10: 123-25.

Murray, Katharine, and Michael Bourdeaux

Young Christians in Russia, 20: 150-51.

Must, Art, Jr., ed.

Why We Still Need Public Schools: Church/State Relations and Visions of Democracy, 35: 615-16.

Mutchler, David E.

The Church as a Political Factor in Latin America: With Particular Reference to Colombia and Chile, 14: 357-58.

Myers, Ched

Binding the Strong Man: A Political Reading of Mark’s Story of Jesus, 31: 571.

Nackenoff, Carol

Fictional Republic, The: Horatio Alger and American Political Discourse, 37: 664-65.

Nadeau, Kathleen M.

Liberation Theology in the Philippines: Faith in a Revolution (Religion in the Age of Transformation Series), 46: 133-34, 395-96.

Nagel, Paul C.

This Sacred Trust: American Nationality, 1798-1898, 19: 595-96.

Nanda, Ved P., James R. Scarritt, and George W. Shep­herd, Jr., eds.

Global Human Rights: Public Policies, Comparative Measures, and NGO Strate­gies, 24: 389-90.

Naphy, William G.

Documents on the Continental Reformation, 40: 684-85.

Nash, James A.

Loving Nature: Ecological Integrity and Christian Responsibility, 34: 880-81.

Nation, Mark Thiessen

John Howard Yoder: Mennonite Patience, Evangelical Witness, Catholic Convictions, 48: 875-77.

Negley, Glenn

Political Authority and Moral Judgment, 8: 130-31.

Neill, Stephen

History of Christianity in India, A: The Beginnings to 1707, 28: 549.

History of Christianity in India, A: Volume 2: 1707-1858, 29: 141-43.

Nederman, Cary J., and John Christian Laursen, eds.

Difference and Dissent: Theories of Tolerance and Early Modern Europe, 40: 681-82.

Neill, Stephen

Colonialism and Christian Missions, 9: 101-03.

Nelsen, Ann K., Hart M. Nelsen, and Raytha L. Yok­ley, eds.

The Black Church in America, 15: 305-06.

Nelsen, Frank C.

Public Schools: An Evangelical Approach, 31: 153.

Nelson, Brent

Holy Ambition: Rhetoric, Courtship, and Devotion in the Sermons of John Donne, 48: 221-22.

Nelson, Claud D.

The Vatican Council and All Christians, 5: 265-66.

Nelson, J. Robert, ed.

No Man Is Alien: Essays on the Unity of Mankind, 20: 349-51.

Nelson, Robert H.

Reaching for Heaven on Earth: The Theological Meaning of Economics, 34: 877-78.

Nelson, Shirley

Fair, Clear, and Terrible: The Story of Shiloh, 32: 140-41.

Nesmith, Bruce

The New Republican Coalition: The Reagan Campaign and White Evangelicals, 38: 186.

Nessan, Craig L.

Orthopraxis or Heresy: The North American Theological Response to Latin America Liberation Theology, 32: 876-77.

Neuhaus, Richard John

Africa as South Africans See 1t, 29: 143­-44.

America Against Itself: Moral Vision and the Public Order, 36: 871.

Christian Faith and Public Policy: Thinking and Acting in the Courage of Uncertainty, 22: 167-68.

Dispensations: The Future of South Africa As South Africans See It, 29: 143-44.

Naked Public Square, The: Religion and Democracy in America, 27: 136-37.

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