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The Bible in Literature Courses: Successful Lesson Plans, 36: 410-11.

Melady, Margaret, and Thomas Melady

House Divided: Poverty, Race, Religion and the Family of Man, 12: 342.

Melady, Thomas Patrick

Burundi: The Tragic Years, 18: 589-90.

Melitz, Jacques, and Donald Winch, eds.

Religious Thought and Economic Society: Four Chapters of an Unfinished Work by Jacob Viner, 23: 142-44.

Melton, J. Gordon

The Church of Scientology, 42: 851-52.

Menashri, David, ed.

The Iranian Revolution and the Muslim World, 34: 149-50.

Mendelsohn, Ezra

Zionism in Poland: The Formative Years, 1915-1926, 25: 371-72.

Mendelson, Alan, E. P. Sanders, and A. I. Baum­garten, eds.

Aspects of Judaism in the Graeco-Roman Period, 24: 167.

Mendus, Susan, ed.

The Politics of Toleration in Modern Life, 44: 368-69.

Menendez, Albert J.

Bitter Harvest, The: Church and State in Northern Ireland, 19: 115-17.

Religion at the Polls, 21: 151.

Menendez, Albert J., ed.,

The Best of Church and State, 1948­-1975, 19: 365-66.

Menendez, Albert J., comp.

Church-State Relations: An Anno­tated Bibilography, 22: 548-49.

Menendez, Albert J., Jr.

Church and State in Canada, 39: 813-14.

Evangelicals at the Ballot Box, 39: 822-23.

Perot Voters and the Future of American Politics, The, 39: 614.

Visions of Reality: What Fundamentalist Schools Teach, 37: 917.

Menendez, Albert J. and Edd Doerr

Religion and Public Education: Common Sense and the Law, 35: 418-19.

Menendez, Albert J. and Edd Doerr, comps.

The Great Quotations on Religious Freedom, 33: 611-12.

Menkus, Belden, ed. and comp.

Meet the Amencan Jew, 8: 300-02.

Mensch, Elizabeth, and Alan Freeman

Politics of Virtue, The: Is Abortion Debatable?, 37: 650-51.

Menzel, Paul T., ed.

Moral Argument and the War in Vietnam: A Collection of Essays, 19: 588-89.

Merdinger, J. E.

Rome and the African Church in the Time of Augustine, 40: 679-80.

Meredith, Howard L.

The Native American Factor, 18: 592-93.

Merk, Frederick, Samuel Eliot Morison, and Frank Freidel

Dissent in Three American Wars, 13: 528-29.

Merritt, Richard L., and Karl W. Deutsch

Nationalism and National Development: An Interdisciplinary Bibliography, 13: 370.

Metz, Johannes, ed.

Faith and the World of Politics, 18: 576-79.

Metz, Rene, and Jean Schlick

Politique et foi, 15: 307-08.

Metzger, Charles H.

Catholics and the American Revolution: A Study in Religious Climate, 6: 245.

Meyer, Carl S.

Elizabeth I and the Religious Settlement of 1559, 3: 206-08.

Meyer, Jean A.

The Cristero Rebellion: The Mexican People between Church and State, 1926-1929, 21: 341-43.

Meyer, Robert S.

Peace Organizations Past and Present: A Survey and Directory, 31: 569.

Meyers, Debra A.

Common Whores, Vertuous Women and Loveing Wives: Free Will Christian Women in Colonial Maryland, 47: 176-77.

Michael, Franz

Rule by Incarnation: Tibetan Buddhism and Its Role in Society and State, 25: 555-57.

Michael, Robert

Holy Hatred: Christianity, Antisemitism and the Holocaust, 49: 562-64.

Michnik, Adam

The Church and the Left, 36: 857.

Midelfort, H. C. Erik

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