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Citizenship and Conscience: A Study in the Theory and Practice of Religious Toleration in England During the Eighteenth Century, 7: 270-71.

Barndt, Joseph R.

Why Black Power?, 10: 485.

Barnes, Howard A.

Horace Bushnell and the Virtuous Republic, 35: 160-61; 36: 413-14.

Barnes, Kenneth C.

Nazism, Liberalism, and Christianity: Protestant Social Thought in Germany and Great Britain, 1925-1937, 34: 133-34.

Barnes, Linda L. and Susan Sered

Religion and Healing in America, 49: 154-55.

Barnes, Roswell P.

Under Orders: The Churches and Public Affairs, 3: 224-25.

Barnette, Henlee H.

Exploring Medical Ethics, 25: 370-71.

Barnett, Suzanne Wilson

Christianity in China: Protestant Missionary Writings, 30: 175.

Barnett, Victoria

For the Soul of the People: Protestant Protest Against Hitler, 37: 424.

Baron, Salo W.

The Russian Jew Under Tsars and Soviets, 7: 463-64.

Baron, Samuel H. and Nancy Shields Kollmann, eds.

Religion and Culture in Early Modern Russia and Ukraine, 40: 484-85.

Barr, David L., and James V. Panoch

Religion Goes to School, 10: 486.

Barrera, Albino

Modern Catholic Social Documents and Political Economy, 45: 610-11.

Barrett, John

That Better Country: The Religious Aspect of Life in Eastern Australia, 1835-1850, 10: 460-62.

Barrett, Patricia

Religious Liberty and the American Presi­dency: A Study in Church-State Relations, 6: 374-76.

Barron, Bruce

Heaven on Earth? The Social and Political Agendas of Dominion Theology, 36: 393-94.

Barry, William A., S.J., and Robert G. Doherty, S.J., eds.

Contemplatives in Action: The Jesuit Way, 46: 145-46.

Bartel, Roland, ed.

Biblical Images in Literature, 19: 371.

Bartell, Ernest

Costs and Benefits of Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools, 13: 364-65.

Barth, Karl

Community, State, and Church, 3: 84-87.

Ethics, 25: 368-69

German Church Conflict, The, 9: 103-04.

Barth, Karl, and Johannes Hamel

How to Serve God in a Marxist Land, 2: 175-78.

Bartkowski, John P., and Helen A. Regis

Charitable Choices: Religion, Race and Poverty in the Post-Welfare Era, 46: 907-09.

Bartlett, Robert

The Making of Europe: Conquest, Colonization, and Cultural Change, 950-1350, 37: 178.

Bartlett, Thomas

The Fall and Rise of the Irish Nation: The Catholic Question 1690-1830, 35: 887-88.

Bartos, P. M.

Hussite Revolution, The, 1424-1437, 30: 152-54.

Basil, Robert, and Mary Beth Gehrman

On the Barricades: Religion and Free Inquiry in Conflict, 33: 372-73.

Bates, Stephen

Battleground: One Mother’s Crusade, the Religious Right, and the Struggle for Control of Our Classrooms, 36: 624-25.

Bathory, Peter Dennis

Political Theory as Public Confession: The Social and Political Thought of St. Augustine of Hippo, 25: 551-52.

Battin, Margaret P.

Ethics in the Sanctuary: Examining the Practices of Organized Religion, 33: 625-26.

Battis, Emery

Saints and Sectaries: Anne Hutchinson and the Antinomian Controversy in the Massa­chusetts Bay Colony, 6: 402-04.

Bauckham, Richard

The Bible in Politics: How to Read the Bible Politically, 32: 650-52.

Bauckham, Richard J. and R. John Elford

The Nuclear Weapons Debate: Theological and Ethical Issues, 34: 165-66.

Bauer, Jerald C.

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