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The Last Crusade: The Church of England in the First World War, 18: 331-33.

Marrinan, Patrick

Paisley: Man of Wrath, 22: 156-57.

Marrou, Henry L.

The Christian Centuries: A New History of the Catholic Church: The First Six Hundred Years, Part 11, 7: 280-81.

Marrus, Michael R., ed.

The Nazi Holocaust: Historical Articles on the Destruction of European Jews, 33: 137-38.

Marrus, Michael R., and Robert O. Paxton

Vichy France and the Jews, 24: 626-28.

Marsden, George M.

Fundamentalism and American Culture: The Shaping of Twentieth-Century Evangelicalism, 1870-1925, 24: 141-42.

Jonathan Edwards: A Life, 47: 175-76.

Soul of the American University, The: From Protestant Establishment to Established Nonbelief, 37: 415.

Marsden, George M., and Bradley J. Longfield, eds.

The Secularization of the Academy, 36: 601-02.

Marsden, John

Marxism and Christian Utopianism: Toward a Socialist Political Theory, 35: 422-23.

Marsh, Charles

The Beloved Community: How Faith Shapes Social Justice, From the Civil Rights Movement to Today, 49: 159-60.

Marshall, Christopher

Beyond Retribution: A New Testament Vision for Justice, Crime, and Punishment, 44: 182-83.

Marshall, Gordon

Presbyteries and Profits: Calvinism and the Development of Capitalism in Scotland, 1560-1707, 37: 172.

Marshall, John

John Locke: Resistance, Religion, and Responsibility, 38: 176.

Marshall, Paul

God and the Constitution: Christianity and American Politics, 46: 416-17.

Marshall, Richard H., Thomas E. Bird, and Andrew Q. Blane, eds.

Aspects of Religion in the Soviet Union, 1917-1967, 13: 518-19.

Marsh, Charles

God’s Long Summer: Stories of Faith and Civil Rights, 41: 151-52.

Marsh, Christopher, and Nikolas K. Gvosdev, eds.

Civil Society and the Search for Justice in Russia, 45: 607-08.

Martin, David, ed.

A Sociological Yearbook of Religion in Brit­ain 2, 13: 166.

Martin, Luis

The Intellectual Conquest of Peru: The Jesuit College of San Pablo, 1568-1767, 12: 123-25.

Martin, Malachi

Three Popes and the Cardinal, 20: 148-49.

Martin, Ralph

A Crisis of Truth: The Attack on Faith, Morality, and Mission in the Catholic Church, 26: 129-30.

Martin, William

A Prophet with Honor: The Billy Graham Story, 35: 170-71.

Martines, Lauro

Lawyers and Statecraft in Renaissance Flor­ence, 13: 153-55.

Martini, Angelo, Pierre Blet, and Burkhart Schneider, eds.

Records and Documents of the Holy See Relating to the Second World War. Volume I: The Holy See and the War in Europe, March 1939-August 1940, 11: 557-58.

Martino, Joseph P.

A Fighting Chance: The Moral Use of Nuclear Weapons, 32: 153.

Marty, Martin E.

Religion and Republic: The American Circumstance, 30: 130-31.

Righteous Empire: The Protestant Experience in America, 13: 129-30.

Marty, Martin E., and Robert Lee, eds.

Religion and Social Conflict, 7: 259-60.

Marty, Martin E., and R. Scott Appleby, eds.

Fundamentalisms Comprehended, 38: 641-42.

Marty, Martin E., Jackson W. Carroll, and Douglas W. Johnson

Religion in America, 1950 to the Present, 22: 520-22.

Marty, Martin E., John G. Deedy, Jr., and David W. Silverman

The Religious Press in America, 6: 392-95.

Marty, Martin E., with Jonathan Moore

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