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Politics: A Case for Christian Action, 17: 54.

Twilight of the Saints: Biblical Christianity and Civil Religion in America, 22: 130-32.

Linder, Robert D., Richard V. Pierard, and Robert G. Clouse, eds.

Cross and the Flag, The, 17: 333-35.

Protest and Politics: Christianity and Contemporary Affairs, 12: 158-59.

Lindley, Keith

The English Civil War and Revolution, 43: 817.

Lindley, Susan Hill

“You Have Stept Out of Your Place”: A History of Women and Religion in America, 39: 601-02.

Lindsey, William, and Mark Silk, eds.

Religion and Public Life in the Southern Crossroads: Showdown States. Religion by Region Series, 47: 639-40.

Lipset, Seymour Martin, and Earl Raab

Jew and the New American Scene, 39: 597-98.

Lipson, Leslie

The Democratic Civilization, 7: 143-46.

Lisska, Anthony J.

Aquinas’s Theory of Natural Law, 41: 141-42.

Littell, Franklin H.

Church and the Body Politic, The, 11: 320-22.

Crucifixion of the Jews, The: The Failure of Christians to Understand the Jewish Experience, 21: 129-30.

From State Church to Pluralism: A Protestant Interpretation of Religion in American History, 4: 220-22.

German Phoenix, The, 3: 97-99.

Wild Tongues: A Handbook of Social Pathology, 12: 310-12.

Littell, Franklin H., and Hubert G. Locke, eds.

The German Church Struggle and the Holocaust, 17: 324-25.

Little, David

Sri Lanka: The Invention of Enmity, 39: 351.

Litvinoff, Barnet

To the House of Their Fathers: A History of Zionism, 10: 280-82.

Liu, Tai

Discord in Zion: The Puritan Divines and the Puritan Revolution, 1640-1660, 19: 100-03.

Loades, Ann, ed.

Feminist Theology: A Reader, 33: 629-31.

Loades, D. M.

The Reign of Mary Tudor: Politics, Government, and Religion in England, 1553-1558, 23: 154-56.

Loane, Marcus L.

Makers of Religious Freedom in the Seventeenth Century, 3: 208-10.

Lo Bello, Nino

Vatican Empire, The, 12: 534.

Vatican, U.S.A., 17: 140-42.

Lobkowicz, Nicholas, ed.

Marx and the Modern World, 9: 392-93.

Lochman, Jan Milic

Church in a Marxist Society: A Czechoslovak View, 16: 337-40.

Locigno, Joseph P.

Education: To Whom Does It Belong, 13: 370-71.

Locke, Hubert G.

Church Confronts the Nazis, The: Barmen Then and Now, 27: 344-45.

Locke, Hubert G., and Franklin H. Littell, eds.

The German Church Struggle and the Holocaust, 17: 324-25.

Loder, James E.

Religion and the Public Schools, 8: 299-300.

Lodwick, Kathleen L.

Educating the Women of Hainan: The Career of Margaret Moninger in China, 1915-1942, 39: 168-69.

Loescher, Gil, and Laila Monahan, eds.

Refugees and International Relations, 32: 433-34.

Loewenberg, Frank M.

From Charity to Social Justice: The Emergence of Communal Institutions for the Support of the Poor in Ancient Judaism, 45: 811-12.

Logstrup, Knud E.

Ethical Demand, The: 16: 545-46

London Missionary Society’s Report of the Proceedings Against the Late Rev. J. Smith, 0f Demerara, Minister of the Gospel, Who Was Tried Under Martial Law, and Con­demned to Death, on a Charge of Aiding and Assisting in a Rebellion of the Negro Slaves; From a Full and Correct Copy, Transmitted to England by Mr. Smith’s Counsel, and Including the Documentary Evidence Omitted in the Parliamentary Copy; with an Appendix. . . , The, 13: 543-44.­

Long, Edward LeRoy, Jr.

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