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The Church and Social Change in Latin America, 13: 147-48.

Lane, Christel

Christian Religion in the Soviet Union: A Sociological Study, 21: 335-37.

Langbein, Hermann

Against All Hope: Resistance in the Nazi Concentration Camps, 38: 181.

Langdon, George D., Jr.

Pilgrim Colony: A History of New Plymouth 1620-1691, 10: 314-16.

Lange, Martin, and Reinhold Iblacker

Witnesses of Hope: The Persecution of Chris­tians in Latin America, 25: 347-48.

Lannie, Vincent P.

Public Money and Parochial Education: Bishop Hughes, Governor Seward, and the New York School Controversy, 12: 138-39.

Lännström, Anna, ed.

The Stranger’s Religion: Fascination and Fear, 48: 209-10, 459-60.

Laperriere, Guy

La “Sefaration” d Lyon (1904-1908): Etude d opinion publique, 16: 527-29.

La Piana, George, and John W. Swomley, with Herbert F. Vetter, ed.

Catholic Power vs. American Freedom, 45: 386-87.

Lapide, Pinchas E.

Three Popes and the Jews, 11: 558.

Lapidus, Ira M.

A History of Islamic Societies, 31: 312-14.

Lapomarda, Vincent A.

The Jesuits and the Third Reich, 33: 138-39.

Lapp, John A.

A Dream for America, 20: 597-98.

Lapp, John Allen

The Mennonite Church in India, 1897­-1962, 16: 345.

Lara-Braud, Jorge, ed.

Our Claim on the Future: A Controversial Collection from Latin America, 14: 155-56.

Lara-Braud, Jorge, trans.

Social Justice and the Latin Churches, 12: 121-23.

Larkin, Emmet

The Roman Catholic Church and the Home Rule Movement in Ireland, 1870-1874, 32: 881-82.

The Roman Catholic Church in Ireland and the Fall of Parnell, 1888-1891, 23: 147-49.

Larkin, Maurice

Church and State after the Dreyfus Affair: The Separation Issue in France, 18: 127-29.

Larsen, Timothy

Friends of Religious Equality: Nonconformist Politics in Mid-Victorian England, 44: 356-57.

Larson, Edward J.

Trial and Error: The American Controversy Over Creation and Evolution, 29: 577-78.

Larson, Martin A.

Church Wealth and Business Income, 8: 111-12.

Great Tax Fraud, The, 11: 324-26.

When Parochial Schools Close, 16: 144-46.

Larson, Martin A., and C. Stanley Lowell

The Churches: Their Riches, Revenues, and Immunities, 11: 519-21.

Larson, Stan, ed.

Prisoner for Polygamy: The Memoirs and Letters of Rudger Lawson at the Utah Territorial Penitentiary, 1884-87, 37: 897.

Lash, Nicholas

The Beginning and the End of “Religion,” 40: 197-98.

Lasswell, Harold D., and Harlan Cleveland, eds.

The Ethic of Power: The Interplay of Religion, Philosophy, and Politics, 5: 110-12.

Laubach, John J.

School Prayers: Congress, the Courts and the Public, 12: 135-37.

Laurentin, Rene

Liberation, Development, and Salvation, 19: 133-34.

Laursen, John Christian, ed.

Religious Toleration: The Variety of Rites from Cyrus to Defoe, 42: 565-67.

Lawler, Justus George

Nuclear War: The Ethic, the Rhetoric, the Reality, 10: 477-79.

Lawler, Philip F., ed.

Justice and War in the Nuclear Age, 28: 329-31.

Lawrence, Carl

Church in China, The: How It Survives and Prospers Under Communism, 28: 551-52.

Lawrence, C. H., ed.

The English Church and the Papacy in the Middle Ages, 8: 286-88.

Lawson, George

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