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Heresy, Sch’ism, and Religious Protest, 15: 323.

Baker, Derek, and G.J. Cuming, eds.

Popular Belief and Practice: Papers Read, the Ninth Summer Meeting and the Tenth Winter Meeting of the Ecclesiastical History Society, 15: 320-23.

Baker, James T.

A Southern Baptist in the White House, 21: 115-17.

Baker, John W., ed.

Taxation and the Free Exercise of Religion: Papers and Proceedings of the Sixteenth Religious Liberty Conference, Washington D. C., October 3-5, 1977, 21: 327-28.

Baker, J. Wayne

Heinrich Bullinger and the Covenant: The Other Reformed Tradition, 24: 625-26.

Baker, Lucius J., and Twiley W. Parker, Jr.

Freedoms, Courts, Politics: Studies in Civil Liberties, 9: 111-12.

Bakke, Raymond, William Hendricks, and Brad Smith

Joy at Work: Bible Study Companion, 48: 708-09.

Bakvis, Herman

Catholic Power in the Netherlands, 25: 162-63.

Baldwin, Deborah J.

Protestants and the Mexican Revolution: Missionaries, Ministers, and Social Change, 33: 609-10.

Baldwin, Lewis V., et al.

The Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Boundaries of Law, Politics, and Religion, 45: 185-86.

Baldwin, Marshall W.

Alexander III and the Twelfth Century, Vol. 3: The Popes Through History, 11: 550-52.

Balk, Alfred

The Religion Business, 11: 326-28.

Ball, Milner S.

The Word and the Law, 38: 419-20.

Ball, William Bentley, ed.

In Search of a National Morality: A Manifesto for Evangelicals and Catholics, 36: 164-65.

Balme, J. R.

American States, Churches, and State, 13: 543-44.

Balmer, Randall

Grant Us Courage: Travels Along the Mainline of American Protestantism, 39: 176.

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: A Journey into the Evangelical Subculture, 32: 426.

Balmer, Randall and John R. Fitzmier

The Presbyterians, 37: 417.

Balmer, Randall and Lauren F. Winner

Protestantism in America, 45: 179-80.

Baltzell, E. Digby

Puritan Boston and Quaker Philadelphia: Two Protestant Ethics and the Spirit of Class Authority and Leadership, 23: 150-51.

Bane, Mary Jo, Brent Coffin, and Richard Higgins, eds.

Taking Faith Seriously, 47: 873-74.

Bangs, Jeremy Dupertuis, trans.

Letters on Toleration: Dutch and Persecuted Swiss and Palatine Mennonites 1615-1699, 49: 574-76.

Barber, Malcolm

The Trial of the Templars, 22: 336-38.

Barbour, Hugh

The Quakers in Puritan England, 8: 136-37.

Barclay, John, and John Sweet, eds.

Early Christian Thought in Its Jewish Context, 40: 473-74.

Barkat, Anwar M., ed.

Conflict, Violence, and Peace, 13: 545.

Barker, Eileen, ed.

Of Gods and Men: New Religious Movements in the West, 28: 543-44.

Barker, Ernest

Church, State, and Education, 2: 69-71.

Barker, Lucius J., and Twiley W. Barker, Jr., eds.

Civil Liberties and the Constitution: Cases and Commentaries, 13: 368.

Barber, Malcolm.

The Trial of the Templars, 2nd ed., 49: 571-73.

Barker, William S. and W. Robert Godfrey, eds.

Theonomy: A Reformed Critique, 34: 169.

Barkun, Michael

Religion and the Racist Right: The Origins of the Christian Identity Movement, rev. ed., 40: 498.

Barlow, Frank

The English Church, 1000-1066: A Consti­tutional History, 7: 450-53.

Barlow, Richard Burgess

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