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The Perfect Law of Liberty: Elias Smith and the Providential History of America, 37: 889.

Kent, Eliza F.

Converting Women—Gender and Protestant Christianity in Colonial

South India, 47: 154-55.

Kent, Peter C.

The Pope and the Duce: The International Impact of the Lateran Agreements, 24: 156-59.

Kenyon, J. P.

Revolution Principles: The Politics of Party, 1689-1720, 21: 568-69.

Keresztes, Paul

Imperial Rome and the Christians: Vol. I, From Herod the Great to About 200 A.D.; Vol. II, From the Severi to Constantine the Great, 33: 133-34.

Kerwin, Jerome

Catholic Viewpoint on Church and State, 5: 125-28.

Keskov, Nikolai S.

Jews in Russia, The: Some Notes on the Jewish Question, 30: 155-56.

Kessler, Sanford

Tocqueville’s Civil Religion: American Christianity and the Prospects for Freedom, 37: 916.

Ketelaar, James Edward

Of Heretics and Martyrs in Meiji Japan: Buddism and its Persecution, 34: 137-38.

Keulman, Kenneth, ed.

Critical Moments in Religious History, 38: 915.

Khaddouri, Majdia D., ed.

The Arab-Israeli Impasse, 12: 332-34.

Khomeini, Ruhollah

Islam and Revolution: Writings and Decla­rations of Imam Khomeini, 24: 379-80.

Kieckhefer, Richard

European Witch Trials: Their Foundations in Popular and Learned Culture, 1300­-1500, 21: 556-58.

Repression of Heresy in Medieval Germany, 22: 134-35.

Kik, J. Marcellus

Church and State: The Story of Two Kingdoms, 6: 231-34.

Killmer, Richard L., and Charles P. Lutz

The Draft and the Rest of Your Life, 17: 347.

Kim, Chongho

Korean Shamanism: The Cultural Paradox, 46: 891-93.

Kimball, Charles

Religion, Politics, and Oil: The Volatile Mix in the Middle East, 36: 412-13.

Striving Together: A Way Forward in Christian-Muslim Relations, 33: 613-15.

Kimbrough, ST, Jr., ed.

Charles Wesley: Poet and Theologian, 35: 634-35.

King, John N.

English Reformation Literature: The Tudor Origins of the Protestant Tradition, 26: 351-53.

Tudor Royal Iconography, 32: 439-40.

King, Michael Christopher

The Palestinians and the Churches, 26: 356-58.

King, N. Q.

The Emperor Theodosius and the Establish­ment of Christianity, 4: 120-21.

King, William M., ed.

Religious Documents North American Annual, Volume I of Spiritual Crosscurrents, 37: 158-59.

Kinnamon, Michael, and Thomas F. Best, eds.

United Churches and the Ecumenical Movement: Called to Be One in Christ, 28: 549-51.

Kirk, John M.

Between God and the Party: Religion and Politics in Revolutionary Cuba, 32: 417-18.

Politics and the Catholic Church in Nicaragua, 36: 867.

Kirkley, Evelyn A.

Rational Mothers and Infidel Gentlemen: Gender and American Atheism, 43: 619-20.

Kirkpatrick, David W.

Choice in Schooling: A Case for Tuition Vouchers, 34: 134-35.

Kirkpatric, Frank G.

A Moral Ontology for a Theistic Ethic: Gathering the Nations in Love and Justice, 47: 864-66.

Kirvan, John J., ed.

The Infallibility Debate, 21: 369-70.

Kisala, Robert J., ed.

Religion and Social Crisis in Japan: Understanding Japanese Society through the Aum Affair, 46: 135-36.

Kischkowsky, Alexander

Die sowjetlsche Religionspolitik und die Rus­sische Orthodoxe Kirche, 4: 92-94.

Kishwar, Madhu

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