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Party and Politics in Israel: Three Visions of a Jewish State

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Party and Politics in Israel: Three Visions of a Jewish State, 26: 356-58.

Isaacs, Harold R.

American Jews in Israel, 10: 472-74.

Isaacson, Jason F., and Colin Rubenstein, eds.

Islam in Asia: Changing Political Realities, 45: 381-82.

Ismael, Tareq Y.

Government and Politics in Islam, 29: 573-74.

Israeli, Raphael, ed.

The Crescent in the East: Islam in Asia Minor, 33: 150.

Isser, Natalie

Antisemitism During the French Second Empire, 35: 622-24.

Ivers, Gregg

Lowering the Wall: Religion and the Supreme Court in the 1980s, 34: 136-37.

Redefining the First Freedom: The Supreme Court and the Consolidation of State Power, 36: 163-64.

To Build a Wall: American Jews and the Separation of Church and State, 38: 923-24.

Jaber, Kamel S. Abu

The Arab Ba’th Socialist Party: History, Ideology, and Organization, 10: 157.

Jackson, Jesse L.

Straight from the Heart, 30: 572-73.

Jackson, Karl D.

Traditional Authority, Islam, and Rebellion: A Study of Indonesian Political Behavior, 23: 338-39.

Jacobs, Manfred, sel. and intro.

Die Evangeltsche Staatslehre, 19: 331-32.

Jacobs, Seth

America’s Miracle Man in Vietnam: Ngo Dinh Diem, Religion, Race, and U.S. Intervention in Southeast Asia, 47: 637-39.

Jaffa, Harry V.

Equality and Liberty, 8: 294-96.

Jafri, S. Husain M.

Origins and Early Development of Shi’a Islam, 23: 132-33.

Jager, Albert

Der Streit des Cardinals Nikolaus von Cusamit dem Herzoge Sigmund von Osterreich, 12: 322-23.

Jaher, Frederic Cople

A Scapegoat in the New Wilderness: The Origins and Rise of Anti-Semitism in America, 38: 197.

James, Muriel

Religious Liberty on Trial: Hanserd Knolleys—Early Baptist Hero, 41: 391-92.

James, Sydney V.

A People Among Peoples, Quaker Benevolence in Eighteenth-Century America, 7: 45-58.

James, Walter

The Christian in Politics, 5: 250-52.

Jamison, Gerald E., and Ronald M. Enroth

The Gay Church, 20: 581-83.

Jansen, Johannes J. G.

Neglected Duty: The Creed of Sadat’ s Assassins and Islamic Resurgence in The Middle East, 29: 572-73.

Janssens, Louis

Freedom of Conscience and Religious Freedom, 10: 402-65.

Jayne, Allen

Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence: Origins, Philosophy and Theology, 41: 148-49.

Jeffers, James S.

Conflict at Rome: Social Order and Hierarchy in Early Christianity, 34: 388-89.

Jeffreys, Derek S.

Defending Human Dignity: John Paul II and Political Realism, 48: 215-17.

Jelen, Ted G.

The Political Mobilization of Religious Beliefs, 34: 390; 35: 612-13.

Jelen, Ted G., and Clyde Wilcox

Public Attitudes Toward Church and State, 39: 821-22.

Jendrysik, Mark Stephen

Explaining the English Revolution: Hobbes and His Contemporaries, 47: 170-72.

Jenkinson, Edward B., James S. Ackerman, and Alan Wilkin Jenks

Teaching the Old Testament in English Classes, 16: 340-41.

Jennings, Theodore W., Jr.

Good News for the Poor: John Wesley’s Evangelical Economics, 33: 812-13.

Loyalty to God: The Apostles’ Creed in Life and Liturgy, 35: 183-84.

Jensen, De Lamar

Confrontation at Worms: Martin Luther and the Diet of Worms, 16: 543-44.

Diplomacy and Dogmatism: Bernardino de Mendoza and the French Catholic League, 7: 136-38.

Jernazian, Ephraim K.

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