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The Cambridge History of Islam, 2 vols.: Vol. 1, The Central Islamic Lands; Vol. 2, The Further Islamic Lands: Islamic Society and Civilization, 13: 523-26.

Homan, Gerlof D.

American Mennonites and the Great War, 1914-1918, 38: 656-57.

Hood, Robert E.

Social Teaching in the Episcopal Church, 33: 367-68.

Hooft, W. A. Visser’t

Memoirs, 16: 533-34.

Hook, Sidney

Academic Freedom and Academic Anarchy, 13 : 368-69.

John Dewey: An Intellectual Portrait, 39: 370-71.

Law and Philosophy: A Symposium, 8: 296-98.

Paradoxes of Freedom, The, 6: 90-94.

Religion in a Free Society, 12: 497-500.

Hook, Sidney, Paul Kurtz, and Miro Todoro­vich, eds.

The University and the State: What Role for Government In Higher Education?, 22: 540­-41.

Hooper, J. Leon, S. J.

Bridging the Sacred and the Secular, 37: 891.

Hoover, A. J.

God, Britain, and Hitler in World War II: The View of the British Clergy, 42: 861-62.

Hoover, Stewart

Mass Media Religion: The Social Sources of the Electronic Church, 32: 141-43.

Hope, Marjorie, and James Young

The South African Churches in a Revolu­tionary Situation, 24: 619-21.

Hopfl, Harro

Jesuit Political Thought, The Society of Jesus and the State, c. 1540-1630, 48: 213-14.

Hopkins, C. Howard, and Ronald C. White, Jr.

The Social Gospel: Religion and Reform in Changing America, 20: 332-34.

Hopkins, Dwight N.

Black Theology, USA, and South Africa: Politics, Culture and Liberation, 33: 144-45.

Hopkins, Joseph

The Armstrong Empire: A Look at the Worldwide Church of God, 17: 347-48.

Horecky, Paul L., ed.

Basic Russian Publications; a Selected and Annotated Bibliography on Russia and the Soviet Union, 5: 137-38.

Horgan, Thaddeus D., ed.

Walking Together: Roman Catholics and Ecumenism Twenty-five Years After Vatican II, 33: 814-15.

Hornus, Jean-Michel

It Is not Lawful for Me to Fight, 25: 168-69.

Horsburgh, H. J. N.

Mahatma Gandhi, 18: 368-69.

Horsley, Richard A.

Jesus and the Spiral of Violence: Popular Jewish Resistance in Roman Palestine, 36: 403.

Horst, Samuel

Mennonites in the Confederacy: A Study in Civil War Pacifism, 10: 284-86.

Horst, Samuel L., Robert F. Ulle, and Richard K. MacMaster

Conscience in Crisis: Mennonites and Other Peace Churches in America, 1739-1789, Interpretation and Documents, 23: 160.

Horwitz, Henry

Revolution Politicks: The Career of Daniel Finch, Second Earl of Nottingham 1647­-1730, 12: 529-32.

Hoss, Rudolph

Death Dealer: The Memoirs of the SS Kommandant at Auschwitz, 35: 630-31.

Hostetler, John A.

Amish Society, 36: 398-99.

Hutterite Society, 18: 122-23.

Houben, Hubert

Roger II of Sicily: A Ruler between East and West, 46: 141-43.

Houck, John W., and Oliver F. Williams, eds.

Catholic Social Teaching and the U.S. Economy, 28: 555-56.

Hough, Joseph C., Jr.

Black Power and White Protestantism: A Christian Response to the New Negro Plu­ralism, 12: 508-09.

Houlbrooke, Ralph

Church Courts and the People during the English Reformation, 1520-1570, 23: 348­-50.

House, Francis

The Russian Phoenix: The Story of Russian Christians, A.D. 988-1988, 31: 567.

House, H. Wayne, and Thomas Ice

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