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Jonathan Edwards and the American Experience, 31: 554.

Hatch, Nathan O., and Mark A. Noll, eds.

The Bible in America: Essays in Cultural History, 25: 352-54.

Hatch, Roger, and Warren Copeland, eds.

Issues of Justice: Social Sources and Religious Meanings, 32: 146-47.

Hatch, Roger D., and Frank E. Watkins, eds.

Beyond Opportunity: Jesse Jackson’s Vision for America, 30: 572-73.

Hatfield, Charles, ed.

The Scientist and Ethical Decision, 17: 142-44.

Hauer, Christian E., Jr.

Crisis and Conscience in the Middle East, 13: 138-41.

Hauerwas, Stanley

Against the Nations: War and Survival in a Liberal Society, 29: 557-58.

In Good Company: The Church as Polis, 39: 365-66.

Performing the Faith: Bonhoeffer and the Practice of Nonviolence, 48: 453-54.

Haugaard, William P.

Elizabeth and the English Reformation, 11: 524-25.

Havran, Martin J.

The Catholics in Caroline England, 5: 129-31.

Hawkley, Louise and James C. Juhnke, eds.

Nonviolent America: History Through the Eyes of Peace, 36: 184-85.

Hawley, John Stratton, ed.

Fundamentalism and Gender, 36: 620-21.

Hawton, Hector

Controversy: The Humanist/Christian En­counter, 15: 147.

Hays, Brooks

Politics Is My Parish: An Autobiography, 26: 127-29.

Hayes, Carlton J. H.

Nationalism: A Religion, 4: 215-18.

Hayes, Diana L.

And Still We Rise: An Introduction to Black Liberation Theology, 39: 599.

Haynes, Jeff

Religion and Third World Politics, 36: 874.

Haynes, Jeff, ed.

Religion, Globalization, and Political Culture in the Third World, 45: 608-10.

Haynes, Stephen R.

Noah’s Curse: The Biblical Justification of American Slavery, 44: 836-37.

Hayward, Max, and William C. Fletcher, eds.

Religion and the Soviet State: A Dilemma of Power, 13: 346-48.

Heal, Felicity

Of Prelates and Princes: A Study of the Economic and Social Position of the Tudor Episcopate, 23: 153-54.

Healy, Nicholas

Church, World, and the Christian Life: Practical Prophetic Ecclesiology, 43: 345-46.

Healey, Robert M.

French Achievement, The: Private School Aid, A Lesson for America, 18: 563-65.

Jefferson on Religion in Public Education, 6: 404-06.

Heath, Peter

The English Parish Clergy on the Eve of the Reformation, 14: 149-51.

Hebblethwaite, Peter

Paul VI: The First Modern Pope, 36: 617-19.

Hebly, J. A.

Protestants in Russia, 20: 150.

Heckel, Martin

Staat und Kirche nach den Lehren der evan­gelischen Juristen Deutschlands in der ersten Hiilfte des 17. Jahrhunderts, 12: 512-14.

Hefley, James C.

Textbooks on Trial: The Informative Report of Mel and Norma Gabler’s Ongoing Battle to Oust Objectionable Textbooks from Public Schools—and to Urge Publishers to Produce Better Ones, 21: 153-54.

Hefner, Philip, and Robert Benne

Defining America: A Christian Critique of the American Dream, 20: 362-63.

Heideman, Eugene P.

Reformed Bishops and Catholic Elders, 14: 158.

Heilke, Thomas W.

Eric Vogelin: In Quest of Reality, 42: 186.

Heimert, Alan

Puritans in America, The: A Narrative Anthology, 29: 154.

Religion and the American Mind: From the Great Awakening to the Revolution, 10: 115-16.

Heimert, Alan, and Reinhold Niebuhr

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