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Toward and Just and Caring Society: Christian Responses to Poverty in America, 44: 370-71.

Gutierrez, Gustavo

Power of the Poor in History, The, 28: 138.

Theology of Liberation, A: History, Politics and Salvation, 21: 148-49.

Truth Shall Make You Free, The, 33: 141-42.

Guzman, German

Camilo Torres, 14: 342-44.

Gvosdev, Nikolas K.

An Examination of Church-State Relations in Russia and Russian Empires with an Emphasis on Ideology and Models of Interaction, 45: 374-75.

Hachey, Thomas E., ed.

Anglo-Vatican Relations, 1914-1939: Con­fidential Annual Reports of the British Min­ister to the Holy See, 17: 153.

Hacke, Gerald

Jehovah’s Witnesses in the GDR: Persecution and Response of a Religious Minority, 42: 574-76.

Hackett, David G.

The Rude Hand of Innovation: Religion and Social Order in Albany, New York, 1652-1836, 34: 875-76.

Hackett, David G., ed.

Religion and American Culture: A Reader, 39: 595-96.

Haddad, Robert M.

Syrian Christians in Muslim Society: An Interpretation, 17: 327-29.

Haddad, Yvonne Y., and Jane Idleman Smith

Mission to America: Five Islamic Sectarian Communities in North America, 36: 611.

Haddad, Yvonne Y., and Jane I. Smith, eds.

Muslims Communities in North America, 37: 657-58.

Haddad, Yvonne Yazbeck, and John L. Esposito, eds., with a Foreword by Karen Armstrong

Daughters of Abraham: Feminist Thought in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, 45: 812-13.

Haendler, Gert

Luther on Ministerial Office and Congrega­tional Function, 24: 171-72.

Hageman, Alice L., and Philip E. Wheaton, eds.

Religion in Cuba Today: A New Church in a New Society, 14: 358.

Hagopian, Mark N.

Ideals and Ideologies of Modern Politics, 29: 568-69.

Haigh, Christopher

Reformation and Resistance in Tudor Lan­cashire, 21: 119-20.

Haight, Roger, S.J.

Alternative Vision, An: An Interpretation of Liberation Theology, 29: 149-50.

Christian Community in History: Comparative Ecclesiology, vol. 2, 48: 879-80.

Hales, E. E. Y.

Revolution and Papacy, 1769-1846, 3: 210­-12.

Halkes, Catharina J. M.

New Creation: Christian Feminism and the Renewal of the Earth, 35: 912-13.

Hall, Cameron P.

Technology and People, 12: 539-40.

Hall, David D.

Faithful Shepherd, The: A History of the New England Ministry in the Seventeenth Century, 15: 136-38.

Worlds of Wonder, Days of Judgment: Popular Religious Belief in Early New England, 33: 813-14.

Hall, David L., and Roger T. Ames

The Democracy of the Dead: Dewey, Confucius, and the Hope for Democracy in China, 44: 349-51.

Hall, Mitchell K.

Because of Their Faith: CALCAV and Religious Opposition to the Vietnam War, 33: 158-59.

Hall, Randal L.

William Louis Poteat: A Leader of the Progressive-Era South, 43: 618-19.

Hall, Robert T.

The Morality of Civil Disobedience, 14: 320-22.

Hall, Shirley W., and Robert Root

Struggle of Decency, 10: 488-89.

Hall, Sidney G., III

Christian Anti-Semitism and Paul’s Theology, 37: 419.

Hall, Timothy

Separating Church and State: Roger Williams and Religious Liberty, 41: 616-18.

Hallencreutz, Carl F.

New Approaches to Men of Other Faiths, 1938-1908: A Theological Discussion, 19: 139-40.

Hallencreutz, Carl, and Ambrose Moyo, eds.

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