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Liberty of Conscience: Roger Williams in America, 33: 803-04.

Religious History of America, A, 10: 319-20.

Roger Williams, 47: 886-87.

Roger Williams: Prophet of Liberty, 43: 821-22.

Sworn on the Altar of God: A Religious Biography of Thomas Jefferson, 39: 367-68.

Gaustad, Edwin Scott, ed.

Documentary History of Religion in America Since 1865, A, 26: 355.

Documentary History of Religion in America to the Civil War, A, 26: 355.

Faith of Our Fathers: Religion and the New Nation, 30: 579.

Religious Issues in American History, 11: 149-51.

Gauthier, Paul

Christ, the Church and the Poor, 8: 477-79.

Gauvreau, Michael

The Evangelical Century: College and Creed in English Canada from the Great Revival to the Great Depression, 34: 167-68.

Gay, Craig M.

With Liberty and Justice for Whom? The Recent Evangelical Debate over Capitalism, 34: 862-63.

Gay, Peter

A Loss of Mastery: Puritan Historians in Colonial America, 10: 320.

Gedicks, Frederick Mark, and Roger Hendrix

Choosing the Dream: The Future of Religion in American Public Life, 35: 156.

Geissler, Suzanne

Jonathan Edwards to Aaron Burr, Jr.: From Awakening to Democratic Politics, 25: 172.

Gellhorn, Walter, and R. Kent Greenawalt

The Sectarian College and the Public Purse: Fordham-A Case Study, 13: 517-18.

Gelm, Richard J.

Politics and Religious Authority: American Catholics Since the Second Vatican Council, 38: 651-53.

Gentile, Emilio

Politics as Religion, 48: 872-73.

George, John and Laird Wilcox

American Extremists: Militias, Supremacists, Klansmen, Communists and Others, 40: 912-13.

George, Leonard

Crimes of Perception: An Encyclopedia of Heresies and Heretics, 38: 426.

George, Robert P. and Jean Bethke Elshtain, eds.

The Meaning of Marriage: Family, State, Market and Morals, 49: 558-61.

George, Timothy

Theology of the Reformers, 32: 422.

Georgi, Dieter

Theocracy in Paul’s Praxis and Theology, 34: 389.

Geraci, Robert P., and Michael Khodarkovsky, eds.

Of Religion and Empire: Missions, Conversion, and Tolerance in Tsarist Russia, 43: 612-13.

Gerrish, B. A., ed.

Reformers in Profile: Advocates of Reform, 1300-1600, 10: 454-57.

Gerschenkron, Alexander

Europe in the Russian Mirror: Four Lec­tures in Economic History, 20: 585-86.

Gershoni, Israel, and James P. Jankowski

Egypt, Islam, and the Arabs: The Search for Egyptian Nationhood, 31: 314-15.

Gerstel, David U.

Paradise Incorporated: Synanon, 26: 360.

Getz, Lorine M., and Ruy O. Costa, eds.

Struggles for Solidarity: Liberation Theologies in Tension, 35: 419-20.

Getzler, Israel

Neither Toleration nor Favour: The Austra­lian Chapter of Jewish Emancipation, 17: 515-17.

Geyer, Alan F.

Piety and Politics, 7: 117-19.

Geyer, Alan, and Barbara G. Green

Lines in the Sand: Justice and the Gulf War, 35: 918-19.

Gheddo, Piero

Why Is the Third World Poor?, 18: 142-43.

Giannella, Donald A., ed.

Religion and the Public Order: An Annual Review of Church and State, and of Reli­gion, Law, and Society, 11: 322-24.

Religion and the Public Order, 1963: An Annual Review of Church and State and of Religion, Law, and Society, 7: 105-06.

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